Christmas Grotto 2015 – Babies of Two by Kim Gosselin and illustrated by Alisa Belzil

With love and thankfulness to Sally for her beautifully written words.

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Christmas Grotto

Today a book that may only have 32 pages but which packs a very powerful punch of emotion and delight. Perfect for a family who are expecting twins or who are already experiencing the delights of running around after them!  Also for brothers, sisters and grandparents who are excitedly waiting for the new arrivals.

Cover Final Babies of Two

About the book

A heartwarming story filled with love and humor told from the perspective of adorable baby twins shortly before birth. The secret is out! What do they see? What do they do? So much fun for me and YOU! Sneak a peek into Mollie and Maddie’s warm and wonderful ‘Bubble of Blue’ as they journey into a brand new world where Mama and Daddy wait for them with open arms and beating hearts. A special book for children and generations to share. 32 pages.

My Review – Five Stars – A wonderfully illustrated book…

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Grotto 2015 – Babies of Two by Kim Gosselin and illustrated by Alisa Belzil

  1. Congratulations, Kim. The artwork is outstanding and such a lovely book of 32 pages. When I get home from caring with my Mom, I will fill out a library purchase request. Twins are so special and books about 2 of the babies will surely be chosen by parents to buy or read. 🙂

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    • Bless you, Robin. My prayers go out to you and your dear mom. Thank you for all of your kind words about our book. I appreciate your help in asking your library to order Babies of Two. Currently it’s only in Kindle format but is expected in print prior to Christmas. Thanks again for everything, Robin.

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    • Thank you so very much, Emu. Still a way to go with our printed edition, but Alisa and I have worked very, very hard. Her illustrations are amazing together with her dedication to this project. So much fun to see our ideas come to life! Thank you, sincerely.

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