Special Delivery

An official announcement from the maternity department of Amazon.com hospital!

In the wee hours of dawn Babies of Two were born to Kim Gosselin and Alisa Belzil. Weighing in at over nine pounds combined, Mollie and Maddie sleep peacefully, gently swaddled next to warm and beating hearts.  Babies are healthy, Moms are happy.

Kindle subscribers read for FREE.  Thank you for all of your support.  amazon.com/author/2babiesauthor

32 thoughts on “Special Delivery

      • These ‘Babies of Two’ are more than blessed to have a fairy Godmother like you, Annette. Always silent, beneath their hearts watching over them with tenderness. I will whisper in their ears of your sweetness. Thank you so very much. Blessings X 2. 🙂 🙂


  1. Well done Kim. and sincere congratulations, your efforts will bring joy to many young minds for many years to come, I am proud to have you in my Friends list, your writings are the reason that sharing posts brings many joys.

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