Halloween Innocence

Trick-or-Treat for  Halloween

Costumed monsters or movie queens

Door to door to ring a bell

Heart is beating thumping well

Treats of sweet sinking bag

Stuffed inside so full of swag

Chocolate pretzels plus kids to tag

Distant sounds and spiderwebs

Pumpkin smiles and waxy teeth 

Peek inside then run and hide

Witch’s hat atop hair of red

Have no fear she is a dear

Biggest treat I’ve ever had

Jokes and smiles to send me off

Treasures emptied upon my floor

Sit and count them to the door

One or two gobbled whole

Brush my teeth and scrub my face

Pajama time another race

Tuck me in with story time

Lashes long now falling fine

Friendly ghosts are in my mind

Magic wishes and floating dreams

Oh what a Happy Halloween

Some photos courtesy of Google Chrome






32 thoughts on “Halloween Innocence

  1. Halloween is not a big issue here in Australia, but it certainly brings out a lot of various traditions, it’s great to see the enjoyment of the theme on the Children’s faces, and the fun they must have had in dressing up.
    Fun and laughter is what Children need in today’s world.
    Beautiful fun loving pictures Kim.

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    • Glad to read that Halloween is a happy and fun tradition in Australia too. Ian. The children in the States make it the holiday of ‘Smiles’ for me. So fun to see ‘who’ or ‘what’ may be skipping up the steps to ring the door bell next! Thanks you for reading with holiday hugs for your delightful comment, Ian. 🎃😊

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