4 thoughts on “Sunday Lunch Invitation – Claire Fullerton, Kim Gosselin and Alisa Belzil

  1. That is a great informative post, enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the parts of the Deep South of America, I have seen it portrayed in many old movies relating to the Civil War era, beautiful homes spread among graceful gardens and lawns, my history may not be correct but I think it was it had cotton fields and Bayous, my memory is coming from old movies with Clark Gable and John Wayne era, also Gone with the Wind. Your lovely post at least got my imagination going. Thank you for sharing.
    Aussie Emu aka Aussie Ian

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    • Thanks, Emu. Sally was deeply generous to share her invitation with Claire, Alisa and myself. I hadn’t met Claire before, but what an accomplished author she is! And, yes, I love the South too! I adore those same movies that you do, with those magical images in my mind since I was very young. Thanks so much for your time, Ian. Blessings.

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