Hidden Delight

Crinkled leaves beneath my toes

Colors tumbling across the road

Rolling in breezy clusters

Pushed by God to the other side

Crinkled leaves beneath my toes

Wee children chasing to discover

Hidden delight out of sight

Trickling water, listen closely now

Cup your tender ear to hear

Crinkled leaves beneath my toes

Floating atop a stream of pebbled rocks

Hallmark hues glistening in the sun

Children peering to see what may be

Crinkled leaves once beneath my toes

Gently swirling, swaying, smiling up at me

fall road with stream











*photo courtesy of Google


16 thoughts on “Hidden Delight

    • Smiling now. I did stand in a place quite like this early today. Alas, no camera. Still, inspiration for a few words in my head. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


  1. I was actually raking up a heap of leaves to use as mulch on the garden this morning Kim. Not as nice as the ones in the picture though. Lovely poem.
    Laurie. xox

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