Babies of Two Now in Labor

Babies of Two!  

Yes, it’s true, I’m a grandmother to twins.  Can you imagine?  Well, I did!  After fifteen years I’ve written my 17th picture book   Babies of Two is told from the perspective of adorable baby twins shortly before birth.  What do they see?  What do they do?  So much fun for me and you!

Take a new peek to read lyrical lines while delighting in waves of wonder illustrated by the talented Alisa Belzil.  A book from our hearts to yours filled with love and giggles, tears and wiggles.  For children and generations to share forevermore.

Babies of Two is available for pre-adoption on Kindle at with a due date of November 1st.   A mirror image  printed in hard cover will be swaddled around the first of December.

Copyright 2015 by Kim Gosselin

Page 21-22


6 thoughts on “Babies of Two Now in Labor

      • Special indeed (I’d long run out of adjectives) Busy is good it stops us thinking about stuff that can pull us down. At least with the ones in the book you can walk away from them. 🙂

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      • Hahaha..especially now that they live in South Carolina. But, there is SO much work to publishing, promoting & marketing a book these days. What happened to long ago when I could simply ‘write?’

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      • Sometimes it’s good when the grandchildren are far away, it’s a real treat when they visit. the downside is you miss all the special moments. Was writing ever just writing? I guess if you just wrote for yourself alone then it would be easier. It’s a big, bad world out there when it comes to writing, marketing etc. Have a great weekend Kim. 🙂 ❤

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