A Splendid Combination of Seasons

This past weekend was a splendid combination of seasons suspended between summer and fall, picture perfect in every way.

Sunday, I packed a backpack with bottles of water together with a few bags of trail mix.  “Let’s go,” I said, tugging at the shirtsleeve of my husband’s arm.  “No more football.  Not today.”  Temperatures hovered around 80 degrees under shimmering sunlit skies of blue.  Clear they were, without a single cloud to block our view.  We were going to take a hike!

Giving in to me, my husband changed into shorts and sneakers while donning his favorite Michigan cap.  Hopping into our convertible, it was a perfect day to ride into the wind.  While driving, we witnessed the changing colors of trees as our hair blew to and fro, flying in the breeze.

Before long we walked on a graveled path, parting limbs to enter one of our favorite Missouri State Parks, Rockwoods Reservation http://mdc.mo.gov/regions/st-louis/rockwoods-reservation.  Our chosen trail was curved and winding, calling for us to step steeply up and down.  Nestled deep within the forest, our hike was truly laden with nature’s beauty.  While walking, we discovered hidden caves, enormous limestone cliffs and wooden bridges crossing over pebbled creeks of dry.

Stopping short and sudden, my husband put a finger to his lips.  “Shhhh,” he whispered, ever so softly.  Directly in front of us, was a tiny creature dressed in flourescent lime.  Still as a statue, the miniature frog clung to a tobacco colored leaf dangling from a branch hanging over our path.

Taking a break, I sat on a moss-covered log, breathing in new scents, fresh and free.  All around me were different sights to see.  Colors had just begun to change.  Leaves of trees lingered to the greens of summer, while others began to brown towards fall or turn red to scatter down the cream of limestone.  Even sounds were unique to me.  A male woodpecker hunted for food from scattered limbs while his female partner beckoned him away.  Trees silently yelled, “Timber,” before toppling to the ground where they formed pieces of a puzzle for woodland creatures to put together at a later date.

After a couple of hours, my husband and I walked out of the forest, feeling all anew.  A little tired, perhaps, but it was one of the most enjoyable days we’ve had in a long time.  There’s nothing like nature to bring out the best in body, mind and spirit.

Summer or fall?  In the end it was a splendid combination of seasons.  Picture perfect in every way. 

Photos Copyright, Kim Gosselin 2015

17 thoughts on “A Splendid Combination of Seasons

  1. What a great day out Kim, it’s always good to leave the TV behind and get it on with Mother Nature. Love the pics. An aside here, I went bushwalking with my youngest brother and his son several years ago, in Lamington National Park. After getting over the resemblance to Vietnam in places I enjoyed it. Now we’d stopped for a break and I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to see a party of blonde, Swedish hikers come around that bend ahead?’ The words were no sooner out of my mouth when the foliage parted and a group of, you guessed it, blonde Swedish hikers appeared in front of us. Sadly they were all male.

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