Smile for Me!

Last week was a busy one for me.  Bones were creaking, knees were swelling and occasionally my head began to throb.  Upper lids fell to lower due to lack of sleep.  I didn’t peek, my husband told me so.  Did I care?  Oh, no!  My heart was full.  In fact it overflowed.

Springing forth from buckled seats in a car with South Carolina plates was a young family, tired and ready to rest after many hours on the road.  My youngest son and daughter-in-law together with a sweet toddler and ‘Babies of Two.’  Home for their first visit after three long months.  Years to me.

For nine eves of dark and eight days of rays, the gift of time was shared between two households.  Within those hours not a second was wasted.  A birthday was celebrated with cousins’ who bounced in a blown-up house.  Babies were rocked, diapers were changed and a first ‘Sleepover’ was tucked under the stars.

In between naps and bottles, toys and giggles, I tried my best to work.  Sneaking softly into my turret office space, keys of few were pressed on a computer.  Hopefully, correct words would appear on the screen.  Not much time to press “DEL” or “BACKSPACE” in order to think new thoughts or start sentences again before an infant’s cry.

One day last mid-week, a photo shoot. “Let’s get all the grandchildren together in the park.  When will I have this chance again?”  Five of them, remember?  Ages 3, 2, 1 and twins of nine months.  Feed them lunch.  Playtime.  No naps.  We’re in a crunch.

As the professional set up her shots, grown-ups wrangled toddlers and crawlers.  Suddenly, the three-year old ran like the wind.  A sprinter for sure when high school begins!  Finally, it was time to smile for the camera.  No problem, I thought.  Lots of them captured at home.  Yet on this day it was nearly impossible.  Babies cried, a tantrum ensued and others wearing diapers clenched gums tightly on pacifiers in pink and blue.  No letting go to show a pearly tooth or two.

At one point in the shoot, I remember hearing our photographer whisper under her breath, “It’s like herding a bunch of cats!”  Fearing she had failed, tears began to well within the corners of her dark brown eyes.   Still, it wasn’t her fault.  She had given it her best shot….No pun intended.

Long before our allotted hour, we called it quits.  Any pictures snapped would be gold within shutters of black.  Time capsules of treasures within my family’s life.

Squirming babies, toddlers having tantrums plus a preschooler running free.  My heart spills with joy to feel that each and every child is inside of me. 




25 thoughts on “Smile for Me!

    • Yes, so lucky, Raj. These pics were taken before the professional shoot, of course. So hoping to get one of all five little ones together. Lot’s of lovable memories here, however. Thank you, Raj. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  1. Seems like you had a great time there Kim. Kids have to be the hardest subject to photograph. The trick is to let them have a few crazy shots, show them on the camera then say, “Now sit still for grandma.” Seems to work. 🙂 When your tired from the grand kids it doesn’t seem as terminal.

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  2. I give you full marks for trying to get five Grandchildren, in a photo shoot at the same time Kim, I have tried and it’s nigh on impossible.
    They are beautiful children and must give you much pleasure, I know mine do, every time I see them.

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