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A surprise for me as I opened my beloved WordPress site.  Three years ago today, I never would have imagined that I’d still be sitting in my burgundy leather office chair, tapping keys to write A.B.C.’s.

Heartfelt thanks to YOU, each and every one who has given me bits and pieces of your life, precious pockets of your time.  My own family has grown from four to six, then six to eight before finally halting at eleven since I began writing here three years ago today. Believe me, I know how difficult it can be to keep up with life, to live your passion while shooting for the stars.

Do not ever think your support has gone unnoticed or is not appreciated.  I thank God for you… readers.  For if no one read my words they might be tucked away in a box somewhere.  Stuck under an iron bed of gray, on top of a wooden shelf painted white or out in my garage up in the rafters.  Perhaps my grandchildren might lift the lid to let letters escape.  Sure, they might read them one day.  Maybe….Maybe not?

Instead, my posts are here to share with all who care to read.  I thank you for that, with all the love I have in my heart.

Because of you….Joy in my life.

Kim Gosselin





20 thoughts on “Because of You

  1. Kim, Congratulations on your third year of blogging! ☆☆☆°•○●□■□●○•°☆☆☆
    I am sure that I got notices on my first year but no longer hear “a peep” from wordpress. Lucky for me, u was raised in a family who thinks, “No news is good news!” I am past #3 year and working on #4.
    Keep on going, Kim! ♡♡

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    • First of all, let me congratulate YOU on writing fantastic posts on into your fourth year. Amazing. Robin! Thank you sincerely for all of your support throughout the years. Will be doing my best to keep blogging as life is forever anew. Always wishing wonderful dreams for you. 🌺


    • Oh, Dan, thank you so very much! My life has been enriched by your kind and supportive comments throughout the years. And, always, my spirit brightens to see your smiling face. Wishing all good things to you and yours, Dan. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hearty congrats, I feel so happy in your sense of fulfilment, as you look back on your three year old
    journey in blogosphere, of which I also am privileged to be a part since the last year. Keep going Kim…

    Liked by 1 person

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