Halloween Innocence

Trick-or-Treat for  Halloween

Costumed monsters or movie queens

Door to door to ring a bell

Heart is beating thumping well

Treats of sweet sinking bag

Stuffed inside so full of swag

Chocolate pretzels plus kids to tag

Distant sounds and spiderwebs

Pumpkin smiles and waxy teeth 

Peek inside then run and hide

Witch’s hat atop hair of red

Have no fear she is a dear

Biggest treat I’ve ever had

Jokes and smiles to send me off

Treasures emptied upon my floor

Sit and count them to the door

One or two gobbled whole

Brush my teeth and scrub my face

Pajama time another race

Tuck me in with story time

Lashes long now falling fine

Friendly ghosts are in my mind

Magic wishes and floating dreams

Oh what a Happy Halloween

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Babies Almost Due!

Babies of Two, is almost due! Take a peek it’s really true. Pre-order today. Kindle delivery November 1 @ Amazon hospital USA. Maddie and Mollie are slipping and sliding into a brand new world where open arms and beating hearts await them. A story to make you laugh and cry.  Filled with heart and humor. amazon.com/author/2babiesauthor.  Hard cover available in December.

The Writer’s Moon

Last night I opened the door, encouraging Doodle dog to visit the pines before it was time for bed.  Cool, crisp air welcomed me.   So inviting it was, that I stepped onto my patio which was lit from above.  High in a sky of filtered shadows was the moon, round and bright.  Gazing up at this wonder, it shined like a beacon guiding ships through darkened seas during stormy weather.

This time of year I expect the moon to be painted in golden-yellow, the color of spaghetti squash picked while visiting a pumpkin patch.  A harvest moon, if you will.  Yet, last night the moon appeared bright white.  I wanted to reach up to pull it’s invisible chain of beads. On-Off…On…Off.  Like a switch to the bulb over my kitchen stove.  Even behind silken clouds waving in the wind, the moon seemed fluorescent, illuminating all of my surroundings.  A snapshot of what was to be.

Doodle dog and I wandered off to bed.  Wooden blinds were pulled tight, their cords dangling to the right.  Slippers tossed on the floor.  Soon under a quilt fluffing pillows stuffed with feathers.  One or two quills poking through.  It had been a long day and I was ready for sleep to blanket my dreams.

I tossed and turned for hours it seemed.  The moon of white would not let me be.  My bedroom was bathed in moonbeams!  There, to the right, was the source.  Slits and slats between window blinds hung from the wall.  When Doodle dog began to howl, I finally sat up.  Hopped out of bed to trudge down a hallway towards my office space.  There, a keyboard waited patiently atop my desk for fingers to tap letters upon a blank computer screen.  Suddenly words ebbed and flowed.  Like magic.

The moon disappeared without realization.  Morning sun began to rise in the east, not quite ready to show its face above the hill resting behind my home.  A new day began to dawn without a bit of sleep the night before.  Doodle dog followed me back to bed.  Light didn’t seem to matter anymore.  Lids closed over sleepy eyes before I was out.

An invisible chain of beads….Off…On…On…Off.

*photographs courtesy of Google

Hidden Delight

Crinkled leaves beneath my toes

Colors tumbling across the road

Rolling in breezy clusters

Pushed by God to the other side

Crinkled leaves beneath my toes

Wee children chasing to discover

Hidden delight out of sight

Trickling water, listen closely now

Cup your tender ear to hear

Crinkled leaves beneath my toes

Floating atop a stream of pebbled rocks

Hallmark hues glistening in the sun

Children peering to see what may be

Crinkled leaves once beneath my toes

Gently swirling, swaying, smiling up at me

fall road with stream











*photo courtesy of Google


To Witness Imagination

Have you ever witnessed imagination?  Has it ever given you a magical feeling, perhaps a tingling inside or has it ever been so tangible that you could almost touch it?  Please, stay with me for a moment….

I truly did see imagination recently.  No, not in my dreams upon resting my head on a feather pillow in the quiet of the night.  Nor when I was alone, thinking silently to myself what I should begin to write.   The imagination I’m speaking of took place in the out-of-doors where red maple trees grow tall at the base of my little forest land.

The cast of characters played on a stage of thick emerald grass.  They consisted of my husband, our ‘Doodle’ dog, and my precocious grand-daughter of three and a half years.  It’s important now to add the extra ‘half’ at the end of threeYOU understand.  She was staying overnight together with her baby brother who I was feeding in a faded kitchen high chair, patterned in purple nursery rhymes.

Hearing screams of giggles and laughter, I looked out white double doors through panes of glass leading to the patio and beyond.  Doodles was chasing the little one dressed in jeans, her head flopping to and fro in natural curls as she tumbled on the carpet of green.  Grandpa picked her up by rubber heels to swing her back and forth while she shouted with glee.  As I tended to my grandson, helping him spoon vanilla yogurt dribbling from his mouth, he pointed to the window.  “Doo-Doos,” he smiled.  “Doo-Doos outside.”  Just then more shrieks began.  In that moment I gazed at imagination in play.

My grand-daughter was on the left, near a tree dropping golden leaves.  Falling…f.a.l.l.i.n.g. My husband stood a few yards away, clutching an imaginary string before he began to run around the yard, calling her to follow him.  Smiles lit her face from within, pink as cotton candy on a day at the fair.  She chased him around the yard with Doodles running alongside, barking through colored piles of leaves along the way.

Suddenly they stopped at a red maple tree.  It appeared as though the string had gotten caught on a branch.  Together they pulled and tugged, careful not to break such a delicate thing.  Finally, my husband reached high in the sky, above wooden branches and hidden crinkled leaves to untangle what only they could imagine.  Finally free, he handed it to my worried grand-daughter, who waited patiently below the tree.

Relieved, she beamed with joy, kissing her grandpa on a stubbled cheek.  There, he helped her touch the colorful kite, careful not to snap its hidden Popsicle sticks or break the string of white.  Together, they ran across the whole back of the yard, one last time before an open fist let their cherished kite fly free.  Up…up…up it went behind clouds of white into the blue.  As I watched from the warmth of my kitchen, I felt my heart sing from deep within my chest.

Never before did I love my husband more than on that very day.  He inspired our little grand-daughter’s imagination to come alive.  There’s no doubt in my mind that she believed everything about her Grandpa’s fantasy.  She felt it and touched it, played with it and lived each and every special moment within her imagination.

As my nose began to crinkle like it always does before crying with sentimental joy I thanked God for a new blessing.

I witnessed imagination…..!



Babies of Two Now in Labor

Babies of Two!  

Yes, it’s true, I’m a grandmother to twins.  Can you imagine?  Well, I did!  After fifteen years I’ve written my 17th picture book  http://wp.me/p41md8-2tk.   Babies of Two is told from the perspective of adorable baby twins shortly before birth.  What do they see?  What do they do?  So much fun for me and you!

Take a new peek to read lyrical lines while delighting in waves of wonder illustrated by the talented Alisa Belzil.  A book from our hearts to yours filled with love and giggles, tears and wiggles.  For children and generations to share forevermore.

Babies of Two is available for pre-adoption on Kindle at Amazon.com with a due date of November 1st.   A mirror image  printed in hard cover will be swaddled around the first of December.

Copyright 2015 by Kim Gosselin

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