A Walk in The Park

A quick post this morning.

Riding on the passenger side of my husband’s car, air sneaking in an open window is cool.  Scents of fresh Fall are waking me with promises of a beautiful day ahead.  Skies are pale blue.   Clouds sketched in charcoal gray resembling a horizontal painting lie low, straight north up and above the highway road.

Soon, strong steel beams of emerald-green shine in the dawn of a bridge crossing over the mighty Mississippi where our car turns right to veer into a parking lot.  There, it’s full of others in all makes and models that seemingly have driven faster than ours. People, little and big, some in tiny pushed in baby strollers are out walking near the banks of the rolling river. Excitement is in the air.  Children can be seen wearing colored t-shirts proudly displaying their team names.  Allie’s Angels, Sam’s Supporters or Mandie’s Miracles.  They’re holding onto strings of balloons in circus colors that float high above the current.

Today is the annual Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s annual Walk For The Cure here in the quaint town of St. Charles, Missouri.  My family has taken part in this most important fundraiser for over twenty years.  If not a cure, we hope for better lives for children and adults living with type 1 diabetes.  So we walk the streets today of St. Charles, Missouri, where cobble stones still pave the way for old-fashioned dreams of all who take steps…

Wish us well….:)


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