Will You Choose The Correct Fork In The Road?

Posted on September 22, 2015 by James North

I recently had the honor of writing a Guest Post for the very talented author, James North. Please visit his terrific site as it has much to offer together with his many publications.  http://jamesnorththrillers.com/

Will You Choose The Correct Fork In The Road?

Everyone comes to crossroads in life, a fork in the road if you will.  At one point in my own, I found myself at a dead-end where all that I knew was gone. My vision for the future was not to be.  In an instant. Tick-tock.  Quickly, like a second-hand on a clock.  A new normal was in store for me and my family from that day forward.

To the left were tears leading me down a pity path.  To the right I felt magical whispers of wind wafting through my hair. Somehow, scents of leaves beneath my crinkled nose. Colors of orange and copper splayed across a sunlit wooden bridge beneath the weathered limbs of hanging trees.  Cross it and everything would be okay if only I believed it to be true.  Yes, please, choose the correct fork in the road.

Metaphors of my life from over twenty years ago when my children were diagnosed with chronic conditions.  The above shaped much of who I am today.  Like my boys, I had to change too. Surprisingly I became a writer.  If not for the two of them, I never would have written a single word.  I prayed every day for God to guide me on the right path, for my words to help others through paper pages that would someday be printed in books.

How I wish my children could have ridden bicycles while licking dripping popsicles.   Or, gone off to birthday parties to steal real crumbs of chocolate cake off colored paper plates!  That would have been a true dream come true for me.  Yet, in all of their little lives, it was never to be.  No, God had other plans for us.

My kindergarten boys who once played with toys are now grown.  They will always be blessings who helped make positive differences in the world.  I thank God for holding my hand to choose the correct fork in the road and with His help, you will too.


9 thoughts on “Will You Choose The Correct Fork In The Road?

  1. A sad and very beautiful writing Kim, your choice of path is uplifting, memory’s and sadness,yet a tone of knowing the path chosen was your accepted task in life.
    I may not have phased that correctly Kim, but I felt deep emotion in your words.

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    • Such lovey words to give me peace, Ian. So ironic life is. That very first night in the hospital, my frail son woke startled to grab my hand for comfort. He fell back asleep while tears fell upon my cheeks. It was in that moment that I blubbered in the dark. Out load to no one. “Something good will come from this, I’m going to write.” Crazy, yes? God at work? No other answer for me.

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  2. This is nice Kim. Those forked roads just keep on popping up. It’s the three or four forks that bother me. Good to know that all turned out well.

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