Those Magnificent Flying Machines

Flying quote

While strolling through the park the other day, a surprise for me.  Perfect timing you see.  There was an air show going on above my head!

With ears suddenly on high alert and my face cocked slightly to the side, I gazed upward toward the sound of buzzing engines.  Suddenly a large metal bird of silver-blue, dive bombed me before zooming straight up to swirl and twirl like an acrobat in a circus act!

Walking further, I came across a short runway of gray chipped seal among the field of green designated for the strict use of model planes.  Take offs and landings to be sure, plus a few skid marks of rubber tires curving to one side.  Sadly, I suspected an occasional crash or two.  No control tower in sight.

That day, and every day I presume was left up to several jovial men who held large remote control boxes in hands of two.  Brass buttons pushing down with worn thumbs and fingers.  Go-Go-Go.  Up-Up-Up!  Model airplanes to be sure, but what a spectacular presentation for me to view.  Full of pageantry high in an overcast sky.

This is an expensive hobby, not to be taken on by the faint of heart or small of wallet.  An education and true commitment is required followed by hours of training and practice. Many of the planes cost thousands of dollars and are enormous in size, often requiring trucks with attached trailers in order to transport them to the next ‘funway’ of freedom.

The Wright Brothers would be proud!

23 thoughts on “Those Magnificent Flying Machines

  1. Lovely share Kim. and yes it is an expensive hobby, there are a few enthusiasts near our home, we see the aircraft buzzing over certain fields where we take our walk… And at another local park is a large pond in which sailors take their various model boats out for sail too .. Hope all is well with you Kim.. Love and hugs and beautiful photo’s xx

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  2. Quite an interesting post Kim, don’t see many posts here on this particular sport.
    I have seen a few flyovers by hobbyists, and one thing is for certain, they take their expensive sport seriously.
    Beautiful to watch their movements above.

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  3. I had a remote control ship once Kim and I it sunk in the middle of the pond. End of expensive hobbies. Great post, I wonder if Leonardo would’ve felt the same if he’d flown cattle class? 😉

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