God’s Gift

Lovely butterfly in the grass

Edging spindled legs barely seen

Through straw-colored blades

Flitting wings of two slowly…slowly

Taking her time this lovely butterfly

For one brief moment in all of this world

God’s gift to all below

Back and forth, up to down then down to up

Like magic

Brushing square tips of fresh cut lime

Lovely butterfly in the grass

Sunset colors of a summer’s day

Brushstrokes painted upon paper wings

Soon to soar towards warmth of sun

I shall wave a fond farewell

Towards a splash of gold within a sea if blue


Lovely butterfly once God’s gift to all below

13 thoughts on “God’s Gift

    • Thank you Dear Trini. I let the dog out mid-morning, when a ‘leaf’ suddenly moved far out in the grass. It was then that I realized it was a monarch butterfly so I ran into the house to grab my camera phone. Neighbors surely must have thought I was a bit crazy crawling on my hands and knees, dressed in a coral bathrobe, hoping to get a good shot. It was an enchanting few minutes for me. I’ve never seen a butterfly’s legs before, have you? Tiny and thin, like little wires.

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  1. So evocative, Kim, of my childhood memories, of being out in the fields, tip-toeing behind butterflies and dragon flies, trapping such winged messengers between fingers, and retaining hold, as if in possession of a treasure, but regrettably ending up in these creatures impairing their wings and losing capability to fly. Though now a sweet young grandma, the alacrity with which you dashed to the green to shoot pics is very much indicative of the child in you. Keep nurturing the child in you through these nature connects..best wishes.. Raj.

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    • Sweet Raj, your words trip off the tongue like water from an old-fashioned flour mill. Never enough words to thank you for reading or the time you spend writing such lovely comments. Not simply because they are complimentary, but because of your artistry. Blessings.

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