Motherhood Bliss

The core of Chronic Conditions and Life Lessons which began nearly two years ago.  Edited and re-posted for you.

“Who Takes The Child By The Hand Takes The Mother By The Heart” An Old German Saying

The moment I became a mother my heart was no longer my own.  On that very first day and forever more it would beat for two, together with any children born to me afterward.  Thump, thump…..thump, thump…..thump, thump.

Minutes after birthing my first child, my husband took hold of our slippery newborn who soon grasped my forefinger with his own.  Exhausted from labor yet overwhelmed with wonder, I gazed at the tiny miracle held before me.

My baby boy was pronounced perfect with an apgar score of 10!  His pediatrician ordered the prerequisite blood samples which surely guaranteed a lifetime of health and happiness.  I remember wincing when the nurse pricked his heel.  His pain was my pain.  I cried when he cried.  Later, the doctor came by to tell me his blood sugar was a bit on the “low” side.  “No big deal, nothing to worry about,” the good doctor said.   A tiny drop of glucose was given via IV.  Barely a drip, no bigger than the head of a straight silver pin.    

If an angel dressed in heavenly white suddenly appeared presenting a painted portrait of my future as a mother living with Chronic Conditions, would it have made any difference? Would diabetes have made me love my son any less?  Would it have caused me to pause in any way or hesitate on any given day?  No, never, not in a million years!  My own angel lay swaddled in tiny bed of clear where the sight, smell and touch of him melted the whole of my body and soul.  He was perfect in every way. He would be in the future and forever to come.

*Even more so today.  Such a blessed life we live!  I love you, Jay.

“Who takes the child by the hand takes the mother by the heart”  An Old German Saying

antique mother & babe

27 thoughts on “Motherhood Bliss

    • Thank you, Sally. Was thinking about why I write? This is what really started it all. The love for my son. I never would have if not for him. More in my head to tap out later. Bless you, Sally. 🙂

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    • I agree wholeheartedly, Noelle. When that babe is put in your arms for the very first time, life is never the same. Better than ever, forever and ever! Thanks for reading. Blessings.


  1. Kim, such a beautiful post. I particularly love that German saying and the painting you’ve included. They really touch my heart. My daughter’s had a few medical issues this year and I’ll have to write that saying down because you really do appreciate that when things get complex. xx Rowena

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    • God bless your dear daughter, Rowena. Hoping she is doing well again. Thank you so much for your kind words. The ‘saying’ is so lovely, isn’t it? One of my favorites, too! So much meaning in it. Wish I knew who the author was….Blessings to you and your family, Rowena. :))

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      • Thanks very much Kim. It’s going to take awhile for her vocal chords to heal but she’s already showing strong improvement. We’re now fighting off nasty coughs. My son has asthma and I have my lung troubles so the cough becomes quite a trouble. Had freshly squeezed orange juice tonight and filling up on vitamin C. Fingers crossed xx Rowena

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      • Oh, saying prayers, Rowena. I’m right with you with lung, vocal chord and asthma problems. All of them so difficult, but many improvements, I will say. Hope for your future. Blessings.

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      • Thanks for your prayers, Kim. Turns out that my son’s level of preventer hadn’t been updated for many years and was quite inadequate so here’s hoping we’re heading the right direction. They’ve also added a nasal spray. Not the easiest getting him to take it properly. WE use a spacer but you could write a comedy of errors about parents trying to give their kids medicine. I’m sure you’ve been through that!
        I even took the dog to the vet for his check up today. Poor thing thought he was off for a lovely ride in the car and even a run along the beach and chasing the ball but there was no fooling him once we got to the door. He knew. Had his jabs and a biopsy on a lump, which should be nothing and a treat as we left. I hope he’s forgiven me!

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      • Oh, Ro, you brought a chuckle to my day upon reading about your poor pup…not his dilemma, but the visual you put in my head! 🙂 Pets are nearly as important as our children in life, certainly an important part of our living it. My prayers out to him as well. And as for your son, YES, I definitely remember the days of inhalers, spaces, sprays and all the rest…none of it easy but you are the best mother, Rowena. You will hold his hand through all of it, just as you have your daughters’ and all will be okay in the end. Love, prayers and most of all faith, will conquer much in this world. My heart is with you and your family, always. Blessings.


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