Introducing Honey Bear

I’d hop the boat myself if Red Bear and Honey Bear would let me climb aboard. A soon-to-be-treat picture book for all of my grand-babies.

Red Bear has a new friend. Her name is “Honey Bear” and she will soon be joining him on his next adventure sailing the high seas. Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, enjoy this sweet, cute video promotion featuring both Red Bear and Honey Bear in “The Misadventures of Red Bear: Sail Away With Me My Honey Bear” Music courtesy of Enya “Orinoco Flow” from her very first album. Enjoy the video.

sail away with me honey bear

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13 thoughts on “Introducing Honey Bear

  1. All the slides (pages) are now done. It has taken me about 30 hours to complete them. Now polishing up the story. All being well I should have it up and live tomorrow night (oz time). I have updated my blog with further details. Thanks everyone for your very kind words of encouragement. Very excited about this addition to the Red Bear stories. Here’s the link to the updated post.

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