Gifts of a Magical Picture Show

It seems I’ve spoken too soon.  Yes, the month of July did appropriately open with a bang of warm weather, but the last couple of days it’s been cool and raining again.  Can you believe it?  Yet, God must be on my side because just as my fingers tapped words upon my keyboard, sun blazed through long, turret windows of my office space.  Shining signs of what may be.

The weather has turned, taking on a new pattern.  No longer are cold, wet drops pounding from the sky in buckets.  Instead, gentle showers are falling in a steady mist all the day through.  Breathing deep, the scent of fresh air is like no other.  Crisp, clean and clear.  

Sitting on the stoop of my patio, I search for new life among the gardens.  Sunflowers are now blooming.  Upon them are bumble bees of yellow with stripes of black upon their backs.  Buzzing, they fly from one to the next.  My once drenched flowers are starting to rise again in painted pots.   Soon they’ll grow tall to reach towards heaven.  Birds stop at feeders, shake their tail feathers, or fly away to peck for worms from a lawn the color of Ireland.

In a steady mist of rain, nature pauses to change.  To my delight, animals once hidden within the forest suddenly appear.  Cabin fever?  Sneaking to a damp chair, I take quiet respite, hoping to soak newness like cocoa twigs floating in backyard streams.

A red fox strolls through the back of my yard!  Damp and wet from the elements, he is beautiful.  Sensing me, he stops briefly to glance my way before trotting toward the line of various trees.  

To the left of our property, a large, furry rabbit sits upright nearly unseen behind tall reeds.  There, he seems to pull long stems from roots like squash colored carrots, munching away.  So big he is!  At first sight, I think he might be a woodchuck.  Soon, however, his fluffy white tail peeks from behind to give him away.

At last, what I’ve been waiting for!  Deer with new babies!  Does and Bucks with fawns by their sides.  Tentatively, they stroll into my yard, coming closer…closer.  A few nibbles here and there.  I don’t care.

So much fun to watch coated babies with spots leap and bound in carefree play from one end of my property to the other.  The young fawns are very fast, chasing each other like children in a game of tag.  “Catch me if you can,” they seem to say, as they bounce around emerald pines and hide among thick thatch.  I’m barely able to snap any pictures as they race from one end of a meadow to the farthest of the next.  All the while, their mothers watch protectively under the mist of a gently falling rain.

Gifts of a magical picture show.  


21 thoughts on “Gifts of a Magical Picture Show

    • Thank you so for reading. I am truly blessed to see nature here in my own private world. Right after posting, I looked out a window to see twin fawns at the very edge of my patio. Perfect pictures a little too late! Still, it was fun watching them play their ‘baby’ games. 🙂

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    • Oh, Cynthia, I had forgotten that. No coincidence to see them both on the same day. Rarely, does a fox appear, and the rabbits are few and far between. Survival of the fittest…Many thanks for reading and commenting. Blessings.

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    • Such a smile to my face from your cheery comment! I thank you, but can’t take credit for all of the pictures. Most are mine, but some are ‘borrowed.’ Still, they are exactly as I ‘see,’ except a couple of the animals moved far too fast for me to get a good shot. Thanking God for each good day of this shared, ‘heaven on earth.’ Blessings. 🙂


  1. Kim I so love this post, it’s like its own breath of fresh air being poured into my lungs.. Such wonders of nature all so very close.. Love each of your photo’s.. The Red Fox especially..

    We get a fox come to scout around every now and again, but rarely see him unless I am up around 3 am when I have seen him/her on the prowl .. We see his footprints in winter more as his trail is distinctive in the snow.

    Wonderful post as I endeavour to catch up with many of your posts..
    I am always delighted to spend time here.. Your energy relaxes and refreshes.. 🙂
    Hugs Sue xxxx ❤

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    • Oh, Sue, I do so appreciate you being here. My grand-baby twins needed much of my care which put my life far behind. However, I just came back from a bit of a break. Refreshed and raring to go. New changes on the horizon with good things to come. So blessed to have you reading my posts, Sue. I do hope to catch up with you and many others very soon. Many Blessings Always, Kim

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      • Please do not worry about Catching up on my posts.. Not a lot going on only my garden.. I have in a mad moment started a gardening blog. so you can see our allotment produce there.. As my Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary was going to fill too quickly with all the photo updates I do.. So I thought to separate them.. Its been a pleasure catching up and chatting to you Kim.. LOVE to you and yours.. enjoy a blessed week.. xx Sue

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      • Oh, what a terrific idea. Great place to post all of the wonderful pictures of your garden. My mouth is watering all ready as I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. Lots of goodies there for me, I bet!

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