Nature’s Fireworks

Fourth of July and I feel all of June has been lost…Much to weather and other conditions in life.  Still, it’s beautiful this morning.  The sky is clear and a rising sun is shining down upon me, warming the back of my neck ever so slightly.

Sigh….My beloved potted flower gardens have taken a beating.  Rain pounded the red bricks of my patio and all on top of it for most of June.  Petals of petunias are wounded.  Leaves have turned yellow and roots have risen to the top of pots.  Variegated ivy trails over sides of primary colored clay.  No longer are plants vibrant and full of life.  Their voices are weak and barely speak.  I’m afraid their days may be numbered.

I don’t ever remember the month of June being so soggy and wet.  Day after day it seemed to rain.  Rivers rose, roads closed, flooding ensued and everyone was forced to stay inside.  Even my favorite forest friends never ventured beneath their canopy of trees.  

Normally, June signals celebration.  Summer begins, school ends and voices of children begin to drift through wire screens of open windows.  How my heart aches for sounds of summer solstice!

Thankfully, there is no rain in sight today, not on this holiday.  Families are busy packing picnic baskets with favorite foods.  Coolers are being filled with ice and drinks.  Concerts will be heard in parks tonight while skies explode in sparkling colors all aglow.

As Independence Day is celebrated, I take pause to thank God for all that I have in life.  My treasured flowers may dry out, allowing new ones to sprout.  Or, perhaps beautiful blooms are flourishing elsewhere around me?

The world is full of fireworks if only we open our eyes to see….

15 thoughts on “Nature’s Fireworks

    • Hoping you had a terrific holiday too, Dana. My ‘oak leaf’ blooms are about all that is left flowering in my garden. When I caught sight of them, they reminded me of fireworks or ‘sparklers’ in a way. Inspiration….Who knew?! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. Blessings.

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    • Thank you so much, David. God has a way of clearing storms to make way for life anew. Smiling back at you. Yes, a beautiful, brilliant sunrise this morning! With love..😊☀️💐

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    • David, my comment took off before I was able to finish replying. Thank you so much for your precious time in reading and all of your continued support. I have been lax in getting to your terrific blog, in addition to so many others. Life with babies kept me busier than I ever could have imagined combined with other projects. Things are once again falling into place, with blogging soon taking a center role…Both reading and writing. Blessings with love and hugs to you, David. Happy Weekend.


    • Thank you, Dan. I trust your holiday was wonderful? Wish you could see the sunrise from my patio this morning…Perfectly round, rising above the horizon in golden shades of yellow. Positive perfection! 😊


  1. Some years in the UK we have weather like this.. And often only get odd days of Sun between buckets of rain.. However this year has been super sunny.. So maybe you got our rain! 😉
    Hence I have been in the garden enjoying it and spending less time visiting.. Which has its downfalls as I miss so many excellent posts.. And I have neglected yours for too long..

    Loving my catch up 🙂 Love Sue ❤

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