Sugar and Salt

Sugar and Salt.  Sweet and Sharp.  Course and White.  Both, shaken from boxes bland that have separate and distinct tastes.  I have no recipe for my tomorrow….When poured within my heart, shall I smile and laugh or cry to wipe tears away?  Both, I’d say…

I knew this day was coming.  Perhaps you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been blogging as much lately?  Well, I have a very good excuse.  You see, I’ve been playing with babies!  My youngest son recently accepted a job promotion, requiring him to relocate to South Carolina.  He’s been away from his family for most of the last few weeks.  It is for the best…. In the end, he will better his own life and that of his entire family.

His father and I are so very proud of him.  Not long ago I wrote of my worries and wishes for him in a post  Today, his whole world and all that is in it has changed, for the better.  He is a man, a husband and a loving father with three daughters, including infant twins who are now six months old.

I am the one suffering, thinking of what I will miss.  The rosy cheeks with curls on heads.  The giggles of laughter when words are said.  Playing with new toys, feeding carrots and humming lullabies.  Gazing at dreaming mouths.  Look, there’s a sleeping smile once in a while!  What’s that I hear?  Poof…puffs of warm air with each sleeping breath.  And, lashes long gently falling…falling…while cradled in the crook of my arm.

So, “Good-Bye” sweet son of mine.  I shall miss you and your family too.  Those babes will be kissed each and every day, silently from afar.  Congratulations once again.  Take care of yourself and your family too…like I know you will.

And, never forget that we are always close in heart.



41 thoughts on “Sugar and Salt

  1. I sit at work and cry for you my dear sweet Kim as I read your words poured out to reflect your heart. So proud of “little” Justin and all that he has become. Hard for a mother to let go, but what that means is you did your job and you did it well! Looking forward to pictures posted of your many trips to South Carolina. Love to all!

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    • Oh, Michelle, you ‘know’ me so well!! Tears are literally running down my cheeks this morning as read these comments. Your words have helped my heart, Dear Friend. How I wish you were here to have and to hug. The next time I plan on visiting Arizona, I will let you know in advance. I would SO love to see you again! Thank you more than I can say for being here for me. Love you, Michelle. Kim


    • Oh, I don’t know what I would do without you and my other friends here with me, Tess. It means so much to me. Holding me up, if you will. I’ll get through. Thank you for thinking of me. With love to you.


    • Oh, my first chuckle this morning..thanks to you. Smiling now!!! I dare not ‘hope’ they come back as they have the opportunity of a lifetime there in South Carolina. Prayers that all go well for them with lots of “FaceTime” scheduled soon!


    • Thank you so much for being here, Elizabeth, as it means a lot to me!!! After seeing ‘my’ babies each and every day, I suppose I’ll go through a withdrawal period of sorts…Lol, I couldn’t display ‘family’ pictures without bawling so this Mama bird was a great discovery for me! Thank you, Elizabeth. 🙂

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  2. Deep maternal affection there, Kim, and naturally so, knowing how affectionate you are as a person. You may now be distanced from your son and his family in a physical sense, but the values you have woven into their lives will remain and become visible to others as a tapestry of still warmer colours and finer designs, as a hallmark of your unseen presence…best wishes.

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  3. We went through this last year. Our daughter and two sons lived in MN for 3 yrs before moving to So. Carolina to join her husband so her oldest boy could finish school with the kids he had grown up with since kindergarten. Her husband took the new job with a start up company and there were risks involved as well. We knew the move was inevitable, but when the time finally came it broke my heart. They’ve been back in Minnesota this week and we’re having a great reunion, but I hate to see them leave again, my heart goes out to you.

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    • Oh, how you understand! So happy to read of your “Reunion!” You must not ever want to let them go!! Truly, I did not imagine my heart could hurt this much, yet they will be fine and so will I. 🙂 Love and thanks. XO

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      • Yes, you will be fine. I too thought I’d never be able to cope since this family has been so close to us from their beginning, but life goes on and we adjust. You just have to let them go, like the mama bird pushing her baby from the nest.

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  4. I do really understand you Kim. I miss my kids too, but are very happy for being able to use fx Skype, so we can see each other while we are talking together. It helps a lot. Maybe you can do the same, so all in the family see each other often.

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  5. So sorry, Kim. This happens so often with military or professional growth and yet, there’s no easy way to say goodbye. I will say prayers for all of you, Kim.
    I hope you can travel more and see your sweet trio of “babes” ( precious grandchildren.) We understand gaps in blogging and playing with those darlings take top place in excuses 🙂

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  6. Beautifully written 🙂 You have done your part, an incredible mother, and now they can fly! Smile, it’s an amazing journey for you all ahead.

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  7. Kim this brought tears to my eyes, as I am very lucky having my Son and Daughter live close by and I know too my heart would break if I couldn’t see our Granddaughter once a week.. The one good thing about our modern day age is technology now allows for video links and photo shares and conversations over the phone.. Not the same I know.. But hopefully reunions will be often at vacation times

    ❤ My thoughts are with you

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    • Yes, I thank God for Facetime, although my heart breaks every time I hang up the phone. The little ones seem to recognize my voice, but it isn’t the same. Babies forget so quickly….:( 😦 😦

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