The Hourglass of Time

With Father’s Day around the corner, my mind can’t help but wander to the days of little boy ways when I chased toddlers wearing diapers while ‘puppy dog tails’ followed close behind us.  Oh, please turn back the clock for me!  I would give anything in life to have a single grain of sand stuck in that hourglass of time.  To cuddle my babies once again upon my lap, kiss their sweet-scented heads, soak folds of skin in a bubbled tub or hum sweet lullabies to velvet cheeks soft against my own.

As life went on my toddlers grew to teens, morphed into men, married and became fathers in their own right.  What a privilege to peek into early windows of their Daddy Hood.

Today, my two sons have become the very best fathers I could have ever dreamed possible!  They love their little ones…love them!  With five between the two of them, their hands are more than full, yet I’ve never heard a single complaint.  They take joy in kissing chubby fists, mixing bottles of formula, pushing strollers beneath shaded trees and tickling bare bellies into giggles.  Often, I see Daddy Reading a Book or Daddy on the Floor to Play!

The hourglass of time typically exists only in our minds.  Yet, already grains of sand are slipping away….one by one.  Falling s.l.o.w.l.y. from top to bottom.  Seconds turn into minutes of lifetimes.  In the blink of an eye, years go by.  Babies crawl upon floors before toddlers learn to walk.   Pre-school begins one day while college ends the next.  Suddenly swaddled babes are old enough to say, “I Do.”  Crowded nests of chicks are bare, hushed silent with shells of emptiness.

So, here’s to my boys on this coming Father’s Day!  For my youngest, it is his very first ever!  Enjoy every second each son of mine.  Kiss your babies from head to toe.  Hold them close to your heart forever and tomorrow.  Breathe them in to memorize their scent. Don’t ever let it go.  And, never take a single grain of sand for granted.

Happy Father’s Day.


36 thoughts on “The Hourglass of Time

  1. Nice narration around the hour glass, on our life cycles, Kim, where every end marks a beginning, and vice versa. My wife and I will be heading to Johannesburg (South Africa), early next month to join our son and his wife, as we are expecting the first grand child in our family on or about 10th July. Hopefully, I will also start to experience some of the joys that you have been writing about in many of your posts, this one included…best wishes..

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    • Oh, Raj, my heart spills joy with tremendous congratulations to you and your wife. The very best experiences are ahead with feelings never known before. Only in God’s heaven did they ever exist, before, I am convinced. True gifts to us as long as we shall live. Safe travels to you together with my very best blessings to the new ‘Mama’ and her dearest babe. Love to you, Raj. 💗💙👼🙏

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    • Melinda, I know how you feel. I tried, but probably took much for granted before they were diagnosed. How foolish I was! IF there was a ‘silver lining’ they were young at the time, which made me a better mother. I learned to appreciate life and every ‘good’ moment. Today, with my grandchildren, all is a celebration! Thank you for your wise words and enjoy that precious grand-baby, Melinda. 😊👶


  2. Beautiful sentiment Kim. There is nothing more perfect and true than a mother’s love for her children. You have shown that here, as well, you’ve shown your sons learned to love by your teachings.
    you should be very proud.

    Love and hugs,

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    • Was not finished..! There is no doubt in my mind that your own children received the same teachings, Pat. If not more or better than my own. You have such a nurturing heart, with love for each and everyone. 🙏


  3. Lovely post and what a beautiful message for your sons. Very touching indeed, particularly the final words “Breathe them in to memorize their scent. Don’t ever let it go. And, never take a single grain of sand for granted.” How true.

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    • In the end, it is our best reward in life, isn’t it? How lucky you are to have your lovely memories and the tremendous son you raised. Kiss your grand-baby(s) and hug your dear son for me. Thank you kindly for being here. Blessings to you.

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  4. Beautiful post Kim, I’ve seen many a Fathers day with my three children, what I now enjoy, is watching the face of my son, as his children greet him on Fathers day.
    There is so much Love in the expressions on them all.
    Kind regards.

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  5. I am watching 5 of my 6 grandkids today. My son married and “saved” a single mom of 3 kids. (They have 2 together and an unplanned #3.) My son is at work, daughter on her way home from work and my special daughter in law is driving her best friend and baby to KY. I pushed “like” on this post but needed kids to run and get their water guns filled and crayons put away before we head outdoors.
    So, in this peaceful moment I will share my feelings. . .
    This post which holds so much dear to my heart was well written and meaningful to me. I was always rushing through my life. A single mom with 3 in tow. To church, school and down the road for 2 hours every 2 weeks to share my 5 and 3 year old wit aN ‘ex.’ My second husband and I broke up after my last baby was only 6 months old. He who had written stores while I illustrated them. He who had helped me through two very dangerous situations as I represented children at a battered women’s shelter. The male social worker who I felt was my soulmate allowed me to have my baby in exchange for no visitation nor child support.
    In exchange for his freedom. Unfaithful and not anything like he promised.
    Felicia is my gift to myself. So, yes I would like to “S l o w” down time and treasure more of the group of 3 past moments. Felicia and I had time to spare and she doesn’t have a husband or kids. She learned from my early marriages. Age 29 and holding off from commitment 🙂
    God bless your son’s who are wonderful examples of men. Thank God for my son who said he would be like I was as a parent and not like his own father. Thank goodness for my core family who backed me up and love me. All is well and hope your family continues to be such great examples to others, Kim. 🙂

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    • Robin, I have had many family obligations during the past few days which is why this response is delayed. Wanted to take my time in responding to your heart-bearing comment which makes me feel truly honored, connected and ‘closer’ to you. Of course, some of your life ‘story’ was known to me. The majority, however, was not. You are a true hero, Robin, not only to your children and grandchildren, but to countless women in your past, present and future. To think of what you have overcome in life while tied to apron strings of warmth, love and dignity is astounding! A ‘gift’ to all who are blessed to know you, Robin. Thank you for sharing such personal thoughts and feelings. To think perhaps my post triggered such simply makes me toss my head in awe. With love to you always. Kim

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  6. Kim you have set the tears in motion yet again… Such love and devotion is felt within each of your words here for your Boys and your Grandchildren.. You said in you next post ” Much of who a child will be when they grow up is because of their father.” .. Well Me thinks much of how your boys are is because of the Mom..

    Love and Huge Hugs ❤ Sue xxx

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