Timeless Bonds

When I was a lass of long blonde braids, I remember being very ill.  Not sick enough to be hospitalized, but hurting enough to have lasting memories linger within the ‘child’ of me.

Bedridden in the dark of a lavender room, I cried out in pain from a double bed shared with little sisters of two. All of my body hurt, including bones and single strands of hair.

Through fitful sleep, unseen fingers changed damp cloths from warm to cool above my brow. Soft kisses fluttered against burning cheeks. Fresh cotton sheets fluffed like clouds before falling across pale bare legs while a portable fan suddenly swung back and forth to whisper relief.

Upon awakening, noises were heard from the floor below.  Pots and pans banged against a porcelain double sink.  Shrill cries of an infant drifted upward together with my mother’s soothing voice.  I remember wanting her to be with me.  In my youth I didn’t realize that she was and forever would be.

It had been my mother’s hands who changed the cloth atop my forehead….her loving arms who cooled my frame with fresh cotton fabric and the strings of her heart that plugged the old fan into the wall, bringing much needed rest to my blazing body.

How strong the bond between mother and child.  It knows no bounds and has no limits.

Not even time…



26 thoughts on “Timeless Bonds

  1. I am just waking up to another day reading about the lass of blonde braids and cute sickness, soothed by a caring mother… Enjoyed the vignette of your bygone, blissful domesticity, Kim. The pic of mother and child is truly angelic….have a nice week ahead…

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    • Oh, much appreciation for reading together with your beautiful words, Raj. You are waking up while I am getting ready to sleep! Yes, hoping for a wonderful week ahead…To you and yours as well. Blessings, always.

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    • You are right, David. I did have a very, very special bond with my father. But, it seems when a child of any age is sick, it is their mother they always yearn for. Blessings and love to you, David.

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    • Sadly, true, Sally. Maternal instinct should be natural, and yet sometimes it simply doesn’t exist. Unfathomable to me. Thank you so for reading and commenting. So appreciated. Blessings.

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    • Thank you so for your time, Patricia. The longer she is gone, the ‘closer’ I feel to her, especially in times of illness. Memories come flooding back in dreams. It’s God’s way, I think. Blessings.


  2. Hello! I read this post and it was beautiful! I could relate to what you said because I have been bedridden and calling out in pain very recently too. Thank you for writing this and I loved it so much that I showed my mum and dad!
    FZ 🙂

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    • Oh, how you have touched me. Please feel well again soon! I am on the road to recovery and wish for you the same. So ironic how we long for our mother’s touch during times of anguish. Such a great compliment you’ve given me….Sharing my words with your mum and dad. Wiping my eyes to think I made a ‘difference’ for one brief moment. Thank you with love and blessings.


  3. How wonderful those memories we share of tender devotion .. Many thanks Kim for allowing us to take a peek into the loving bond you and your Mother will Always Hold for Eternity.. Love IS Timeless.. and knows no bounds .. Beautiful posting my friend ❤

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    • I can hardly read your comment without tearing up. I miss her so…Good memories are always with me. I just wish I could pick up the phone, say “Hello,” tell her, “I love you.” Thank you so much, Sue.

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