The Wonder of Gardens

It was a Thursday like today.  A few weeks ago, I think.  Sunny with a bit of a chill in the air.  I was working in my office that afternoon when my husband came home from being on the road all week.  Popping his head between French doors of white he peeked in to say, “It’s a beautiful day!  Let’s get away!”

Hopping into our car, we headed north on highway 44 towards downtown St. Louis.  Soon a bright green exit sign led us toward the St. Louis Botanical Gardens where something new will always surprise you with beauty and wonder.  Nature never ceases to amaze me there.  Life is always springing forth no matter the season with new blooms in colors never seen before.

Truth be told the gardens are filled with history dating back to 1859 when Henry Shaw moved his residence, Tower Grove House  to his gifted acres that are now the Botanical Gardens.  He was a botanist, a man of science, a visionary with a pure love for all given to us by God and the world above.  He studied plants and their surroundings, loving them more than life itself.  Before he passed away, he commissioned his mausoleum to be built on the grounds amid his beloved trees and vines of ever-changing flowers.  Even in death, he never wanted to leave his cherished gardens.  Anyone making a trip to St. Louis, owes themselves a visit to this most enchanting world.

Surprisingly, the day that we drove into the parking lot workers of all sorts were setting up for an annual Chinese Festival that runs all summer long.  It is a beautiful exhibit, helping pay homage to China and the magnificent Chinese gardens within the Botanical Gardens.  Huge, bright and colorful displays were being set up, all lit from within, welcoming us as we walked inside.  Greeting us at the entrance depicted two, giant elephants rising up on their back hooves.  Most people don’t realize this magnificent presentation is made entirely of individual porcelain plates, painstakingly laid one by one in perfect position.  One mistake and the entire display falls to pieces….

Anticipation prickled my arms.  I couldn’t wait to walk among the beautiful flowers or delight at the bright Chinese splendors of 2015.  Once out in the open air, my eyes darted this way and that.  So much to look at.  Blooms in all colors of the rainbow and others that I’d never imagined.  Fields of Irises with bees buzzing and bushes of peonies drooping with huge powder puffs of color nearly dusting the ground.

Besides the precious gifts of nature, by far I was mesmerized by man’s creation of art.  The fabulous Chinese presentations!  They were bright, ornamental, colorful and fun! Children and adults alike giggled at airy animals playing in the grass or gazed at beautiful displays while wondering what secrets tall gentlemen whispered through the cool breeze of willow trees?

So, if you get a chance please visit the St. Louis Botanical Gardens this summer.  In the light of day your eyes will gaze upon nature never dreamed of before.  And, when dusk begins to settle upon China, lanterns will light, soaring your senses to heights of magical travel.   Wishes of wonder will float through airy trees, whispered by little ones holding your hand.



55 thoughts on “The Wonder of Gardens

    • Dan, thank you, kindly. For once I can say, “They are all mine!” I try to visit these gardens several times a year. Always something new blooming with surprises around each and every corner.

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  1. Enjoyed your guided stroll through St. Louis Botanical Garden, Kim.. Your pics capture the greens and flowers in all its finery. Lucky you to have such a beautiful garden not too far away from your home, enabling your multiple visits there in a year…

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    • Thank you, Raj. Yes, I do feel ‘lucky’ each and every visit. Always something new sprouting with different scents wafting through the air. Treasures everywhere! Blessings to you.

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  2. Kim, such incredible flowers. So spectacular.
    It is strting to get chilly here and much of the plants are about to go dormant for Winter.
    Yet, we have also had some lovely sunny days and I’ve been walking the dogs down at the beach. They seem to spend much of their time sniffing and I often end up running into someone and chatting so we probably don’t walk as much as we should but we’re still soaking up the sea air, sunshine and getting out of the house xx Ro

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    • Roweena, I can almost breathe a bit of that sea air in! Although much different, it sounds spectacular to me! There is something soothing about the sea to me…I love it. Thanks for visiting, Roweena.

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      • You’re welcome. It’s been great to catch up. I’ve been getting more traffic through to my blog and have followed some new ones so it gets a bit hard to keep up. It’s been quite a relief now that the intensity oof the A-Z Challenge is over. That became quite fullon. At the same time, I miss that too. Hope you are having a great weekend. We went into the heart of Sydney today to Garden island and toured HMAS Toowoomba and then went into Surry Hills which is an older area filled with Victorian terraces. Then, it was off to my folks place. Mister is off on a 14 km hike tomorrow with Scouts so he’ll be tired xx Rowena

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      • I am having such a hard time keeping up, Roweena, with all these babies in my life. But happy and sad news for me. My son is promoted to another state so my precious babes will be leaving soon. 😦 😦

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      • Sorry to hear that they’re moving and hope you can still see plenty of them.
        I have been having trouble keeping up with the writing too but am needing to find a better balance. Actually, some balance. I tend to write and not put in enough time with the family or be doing all family stuff. Hard to split myself up. It’s mainly been my violin playing which has suffered but I’m slowly getting back on deck.
        Take care and enjoy those precious moments xx Rowena
        By the way, on Friday night we went and heard Paraolympic Gold Medal winner Kurt Fearnley speak. I will be writing a post about it later this week but he spoke about how lucky he was to grow up not being treated special and being able to get out there with his siblings and cousins out on the farm. I asked him about his advice to parents of kids with disabilities and he said that cottonballing can be worse that the disease.
        My kids haven’t been well lately and despite pushing myself to conquer obstacles, my natural instinct is to protect them. Keep them close. Yesterday, Jonathon went off on a scout hike which was 14 km and I was unsure whether he should go. He made it but he went straight to sleep and was wrecked this morning. He has a 3 day hike next weekend so that’s really going to test him…and me. That said, it’s time to start letting go. xx Ro

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      • Oh, Roweena, it is soooo hard. I feel your pain, and I’m sure you feel mine. Nothing in my life will ever be the same. I miss my writing and yet the babies call my heart. My son left yesterday, My eyes are still wet from watching him say ‘good-by’ to his babies. Don’t know when I’ll see him again. I want to write a post and yet, his wife needs so much help. Split apart in so many directions which you can well relate to. It will soon end so I must enjoy it now. This is my role in life at this moment. Love to you and your dear children, Roweena. Blessings all the way around.

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  3. Truly beautiful and spectacular gardens Kim, was a pleasure to wander through the gardens,and see the beautiful interaction of the gardens and the sculptures, Elephants and Pandas a delight for any child.
    Kind regards.

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    • Emu, thank you. Special with each trip. There are always new surprises for me with nothing in nature ever boring! I did not even have time to write about the special ‘Children’s Gardens!’ Truly delightful!

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    • That means much to me. I’ve been lax lately due to much going on in my life, but I’ll be back ‘on the horse’ soon. I miss picking up my pen every day….working my passion. Words are calling me. Hearing you say that means everything to me. Thank you, Dear One.

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