Let’s Stop to Remember…

Memorial Day.

It’s not simply a holiday of family reunions, leisurely picnics or sunshine and happiness.  Let’s stop to remember………

Please pause to think of the multitude of men and women who have served our country together with those who do so today….willingly.  They protect us on our own soil in addition to all around the world.  Soldiers who risk their lives for our freedom.  Many travel to far off places, other cities and countries, vine-covered jungles or wind whipped deserts to fight wars in the name of, FREEDOM.

Our country’s Armed Forces fight enemies we never thought of before.  Sometimes, the enemy wears a mask making him look much like our neighbor next door.  We ask, why?  Why is there hate?  Why do we fight?  Can’t we get along?  Let’s live in peace, be happy, respect each other, love one another and remember God’s word…please?

Young soldiers, men and woman, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, protect us day and night…summer or winter, spring and fall.  No holidays for them.  We are not their families.  No, they cry tears of loneliness with worry behind closed doors.  A cement sidewalk long ago poured in front.  Across the dewy ground lies an unridden bicycle.  Toys scattered and tossed atop an overgrown lawn.  There is a piece of puzzle missing…yes, it’s Mom or Dad.  If not, it may be a prized son, precious daughter or much-loved brother or sister.  Love is missing.

Dusk settles.  Lullabies in rocking chairs soothe crying babies to sleep.  Toddlers toss in cribs clutching flopping bunnies while ‘olders’ retreat in solitude to rooms where emotions can be stuffed waaay down deep.  They’re too B.I.G. to cry.  No matter the age, children wonder the same… “When is Mommy or Daddy coming home?”

Far too often, the unspeakable happens during war.  There is a knock on the front door.  Neighbors in the distance hear the agony of wailing.  I’ve heard it before.  Like an animal cry.  Low, deep down and guttural at first, then louder to a crescendo like no other.  To the top……as if in slow motion.  W..H..Y?  Life is not fair.

I ask all of you to pray for our soldiers today.  Those who have fallen before together with each of them who protect us during all of our tomorrows.  No matter your belief, ‘right or wrong,’ our soldiers are here for you.  Yes, you.  Doing what they believe is right.  Remember them, please.  If you know any soldiers, call one today.  Say, “Thank You for your service.”  A few minutes on the phone will mean the world to any of them on this day.

Trust me…..

*A post I thought important enough to repeat from last year.  Close to my heart for all soldiers.  Happy Memorial Day.

33 thoughts on “Let’s Stop to Remember…

  1. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    As we remember on November 11th the fallen and those who have served in conflict so in the United States it is today that is Memorial Day. Young men and women putting their lives on the line.. as Kim says for you and me. Whatever we might think about the politics involved there is no doubt the dedication of those who serve.

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  2. Thinking of you on Memorial Day.
    I thought I would also say a prayer for the children of soldiers who have returned home scarred in some way such as PTSD where theri parent is who they used to be. I have cousins who grew up living with the shadow of their fathers’ war time service and it could get very ugly and yet this consequence is so often silenced.

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    • Very important point you make, Roweena. I can imagine how difficult it must be to live without a parent when one is deployed, but to lose one forever is beyond my comprehension. I so hope there is support for these young ones when this tragedy so often happens. So sad. 😦

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      • There’s so much for our community to consider about what’s involved in sending people to war or conflict and be conscious of the ripple effect and pitch in when required without judgement or pity but gratitude.

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  3. Oh my…….. seems My tissues are coming in really handy this morning Kim.. 🙂 I am so touched by your heartfelt words upon this post.. A reminder to all.. My prayers are added with yours for all who serve and protect.. and suffer those lonely moments behind closed doors as they leave love ones and family behind to serve their country..
    Beautifully put together post Kim.. <3.. Love Sue x

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    • I was going to write a new post this year, but kept coming back to last year’s words. Could not get them out of my mind. The men and women who serve, many in my family..I don’t think I can say enough for them. They do so much for the world. Thank you for reading, commenting and most of all supporting. Heartfelt thanks to you, Sue.

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