May Memory

There they were.  As a child, I first discovered them while skipping along my maternal grandmother’s winding, weathered sidewalk path.  It led to beautiful backyard gardens of assorted tulip beds and pastel peonies planted along an aging wrought iron fence.  They were nearly growing wild in patches abutting cool cement basement blocks under Grandma’s kitchen window.  I kneeled too low for her to see or catch me there…I’d snip off a stem or two, until before I knew, I had almost more than I could hide or carry!

Sneaking off behind the back of my Grandpa’s shingled garage, I’d sit in the sun.  Crossing gangly legs on moist grass of green, newborn spring rosied my face.  Then, between youthful growing forefingers, I’d gingerly roll textured leaves, gently touching the tiniest white bells I’d ever seen.  Did they ring?  Lifting them closely to my ear, I swore ‘twinkling’ sounds could nearly be heard.  Ahh, my imagination.  An aroma wafted just below my nose, smelling sweeter than any colored rose!  The scent reminded me of Grandma’s perfume upon kissing the folds of her neck or the plump of her soft powered cheek.

As I grew up and older into a teen, “Lilly of the Valley” was always my favorite flower together with my favorite scent.  Memories from childhood carried on, I think.  When the time came for me to marry, I so wanted this blossom to be part of my wedding bouquet. Over thirty years ago this month, when the florist told me and my then, “finance” that a single stem would cost $15.00, I opted to carry silk instead.  I still had the beauty while the fragrance floated throughout my vast imagination…..

Guess what?  I truly did hear the twinkling of my favorite ‘Lilly’ bells ringing during that glorious sun filled afternoon!

May Memories to last a Lifetime.

*one of my favorite posts of May


38 thoughts on “May Memory

  1. In high country meadows there’s a little blue flower shaped like little bells. I call them bluebells of course. They are my favorite, and I always look for them when I’m up there.

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  2. Beautiful photos and a touching story. These are one of my wife’s favorites Kim. Last year, I have to uproot a bunch of them to put some drainage in place. I took a chance and “transplanted” them. I put that in quotes because I no nothing about flowers. We were so surprised and happy to see that most of them survived our miserable winter and started to pop up a few weeks ago.

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    • Oh, Dan, I’m SO happy to read of this!!! Give your wife a great big kiss for me while enjoying each and every delicate stem. So lovely. Thank you for sharing, Dan. Wonderful to know. 🙂 🙂


    • Thank you for visiting me today. I just stopped by your blog as well to see its beauty, having lived in Arizona for five years. Going back again next month. Such beautiful photographs you have there! Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


  3. Lovely tribute for a lovely, magical flower. As a May baby, lilies of the valley have always held a special place in my heart…especially suitable for faeries like me :). Thank you for the beauty…..

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    • Oh, Livonne, I look & listen to my little grandchildren and you are SO right! I have a large, new round rug in my bathroom with a small chandelier above it. My 3 year-old grand-daughter told me she was “Cinderella” at the ball, dancing forever in that space. 😊

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    • Melinda, smiling so right this very second in my life. Thank you more than I can say for such sweet, kind words, complimenting me. How fortunate I am to have readers like you, spilling my passion beyond fulfillment. Writing in this ‘second act’ of my life while sharing words that touch others in a positive way is a gift I never dreamed of. Thank you for telling me, Melinda. With tremendous love to you for the ‘gift’ you have given me. 🙂


  4. A beautiful memory Kim, you actually rekindled a memory of my Mother, She always loved Lily of the Valley, her other favourite was Lavender, think she wore a sachet of it around her neck.
    Thanks for sharing your delightful post.
    Kind regards.

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    • Emu, thrilled I am to hear this memory of mine reminded you of your dear mother. We must have shared other things too, because I absolutely love lavender. I’m posting pictures soon from a trip to our Botanical Gardens. So beautiful the purple blooms are swaying within the fields. Blessings, Emu.

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  5. You’re getting very nostalgic here Kim. It’s another beautiful piece btw. My sister and I used to like putting buttercups under each others chins to see them light up yellow.

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