New Beginnings

Ahhh…new beginnings.  Soaking them in like a sponge in the sea.  While laying on my patio with sleepy eyes facing up my imagination sees the brightest blue ocean waving, “Good Morning.”   Yes, a teensy sail of white passing by.  There it goes….floating…..floating.

In real life, a turquoise watering can is filled to the brim.  Held in the right of my hand so heavy and full it nearly overflows.  Sprinkling ever so slowing…Yes, falling from tiny holes pierced through a round spout of white.  Cold, fresh and clear sustaining life to colors of new beginnings.

My annual painted pots, freshly planted last weekend sip straw rivers under the warmth of the sun.  I tend to them like newborn infants, gifts from God invisibly growing older each day.

To the side of a brown pot, a bright yellow petunia seems a bit taller today.  Nearby, greenery planted in an old bird-bath appears fuller and brighter in a way.  And, on my stoop of brick pavers, assorted flowers pushed to the depths of sooty earth sprout to shout words of inspiration to anyone who gives them a second glance…a smile…a chance.

A slight breeze of cool air whispers through trees of my little forest land.   There, new leaves of waxy green hang from limbs, sturdy and strong.  Hidden within, nests of new snug between two after a long season of winter.  Six different songs are heard from feathered friends while a woodpecker whittles away.

What is that I hear?  Look again to the sky.  There, a bright red cardinal flying by!

Ahhh…new beginnings!



23 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. If the sea is a turquoise blue watering can shimmering with reflections of bright and good mornings, and the floral greens around, greeting u with delightful bouquets and carnations, I join u from here, Kim, in your rejoicing with the early signs of spring…best wishes… Raj.

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    • Oh, thank you so very much for being here. I understand how excited you must be to plant. To feel the earth sift through your hands while viewing colors all around. I love it so much. Could not wait since my father will be visiting this weekend from Arizona. I so wanted him to see a ‘Missouri’ spring! 🙂 Post some pictures of your plantings, please! 🙂

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      • It’s still a little edgy in Minnesota. The best time for planting here is in late May. We have been known to have snow in May too. A lesson in patience. I do have lots of perennials that are beginning to pop now though. Pictures to come.

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      • I too, usually wait until Mother’s Day, but no choice this year. Snow in May? My son would love it! Lol! Love to see the perennials coming up. Excitement through and through! Can’t wait to see your pictures!! Wonderful week to you. 🙂

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