Little Joys- Part 1

A delightful post to brighten your day!  Everyone has ‘Little Joys’ in their life. Often we take them for granted, not even bothering to notice.  Susan Korsnick brings us wonderful reminders of those surrounding her own.  What are some of the “Little Joys” in your life?

Susan Korsnick

There are so many little joys to be grateful for in life, treasured not for their grandness or “importance” but for the happiness they bring to each moment if we heighten our awareness of the present.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in obligations, multitasking to fit it all in.  But if we can stop and take time to notice, these little joys gift us with peace, a smile, and connection to all that is positive.

I’ve been recording some of the many little joys in my life via Instagram and Facebook but want to share them with my blog friends as well.  What Little Joys bring light to your life?

Art Supplies My art supplies… always beckoning me, inspiring me, and encouraging me to play.

Birdhouses My backyard bird haven… plenty of shelter, water, and food. Seeing them flit about happily brings me joy.

Coffee in the Morning That first cup of coffee in the morning…

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