Babies of Two

Babies of two held so dear breathing warm and close and near

Crying for needs that must be met

Exhausted blessings these gifts of mine

Miracles of God, I know it’s true!

Once two seeds in a pod, now hands of four reach for me

To touch my lips, mimic sounds, smile or even laugh out loud

Gazing in awe I am so proud.

Smallest fists to cherish with kisses on top one-by-one-by-one

Tufts of hair growing so fast, standing up straight sometimes formed into a single curl….

Lashes sweep long above four eyes of blue following every step I take

Blinking wide to sparkle and shine with looks that steal my heart and soul.

Teeny fingers gripping plastic rattles locked with colored sprinkles or

Holding baby lambs in woolly white touching gently with soft delight

Angel faces watching my every move

To the left or to the right

In shadows of darkness or the day of light

God give me strength, please hold my hand to walk with me

Help me be the very best….

With love to share and more to spare

Mama of miracles

My babies of two

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22 thoughts on “Babies of Two

  1. It’s easy to see the smile on your face as you gaze at that picture Kim, no you don’t look at the picture you gaze at it with a smile on your face, and overwhelming emotions arising in your heart, bordering on tears.
    Your words are a dead give way.
    I understand that emotion with my own two grand children.

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