Unbreakable Bond

When God gave me the gift of my first child, I became whole.  I can’t explain it.  A feeling encompassed my body, mind and spirit.  It wasn’t expected.  Who knew?  While laying on an operating table below bright lights reflecting blood-red, a masked nurse in green scrubs held a screeching infant to my side.  Tufts of damp hair stuck to his head.  “It’s a BOY,” she said.

The infant’s crying suddenly stopped, as if a magic broom had been swept within.  Eyes of slate blue, shiny and wet stared straight through the two of my own.  This newborn child, swaddled and wrapped already knew me.  An enormous clock on the wall, white with black hands measured seconds, one-by-one.  Tick-tock, Tick-tock, Tick-tock….

Silence was broken.  Words were spoken.  “You can touch him,” whispered the nurse into the cold of my ear.  TOUCH HIM?  Yes, he’s mine…a boy….my son…my own.

Flat on my back, a single tentative finger reached to touch new skin of pink.  Wrinkled and fresh from my womb.  A miracle happened then.  The infant’s hand, no larger than my thumb opened wide to hold a small part of me.  Yes, we were joined forever now, together with all siblings who came after him.

There is an unspoken connection between mother and child that is felt upon birth.  A bond infinitely remaining within the mother’s soul.  Yes, she raises her children the best she can.  Hopefully they will grow strong, healthy and independent.  Perhaps she wishes for them to marry and have children of their very own one day?  With other dreams along the way…..

Yes, there will always be tiny spaces reserved inside a mother’s heart for her children.

Forever, until the day she dies.


34 thoughts on “Unbreakable Bond

    • Oh, I am so glad to have ‘touched’ you and thank you tremendously for reading my words. I have no idea what led my mind to tap those particular letters of my keyboard. God always has a reason….


  1. Hi,
    Thank for putting into words what most mothers feel toward their children and their children feel toward them. I believe that is why it is so hard for a mother when her child dies before she does. It is a deep cut that takes a lot of time to heal.

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    • Hello, Dear Patricia: blessings of thanks to you for reading today. Your comment brought tears to my eyes, as the thought of losing a child would be the very worst thing in life for me. God give strength with peace to all mothers who must endure such agony.


    • Thank you Kellie, for reading and complimenting my work. Yes, grandchildren are the ‘cherries’ on top. Many times over. Saving words for them one day. Who knows what they will say????


  2. It’s certainly different for men. Sure we are the dads, we’re there and love our children but that bond between mother and child is definitely something else Kim.

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    • I often wonder what a father ‘feels,’ Laurie? How ‘he’ would describe it? I’m sure there are many blogs or other books on the topic out there, just haven’t had time to research the subject. Interesting….


  3. Hi,
    1. I know some of the bloggers here, D.G. Kaye, for example.
    2. Thank you for visiting my site today and liking my post “9 Ways to Protect Yourself…”
    3. I read what you wrote about your newborn baby. I felt the exact same way when I first held my oldest. No one prepares you for how much you will love the baby.
    Nice to meet you.

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    • Nice to meet you, too, Janice. Thank you for visiting which is special, together with your lovely compliment. My reading these days seems to be more and more ‘random’ as time becomes more full with work and grand-babies. Still, I try to discover others such as yourself while keeping up with all of my friends. WordPress is such a gift to all of us here. 🙂


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