Stepping onto the patio this morning reminded me of movie scene.  The genre with intriguing posters, enough to draw me in.  The sky was eerily colorless, with mist and fog surrounding everything my eyes could see.  When taking a breath of air, my lungs felt heavy and full.  Puddles remained on patterned bricks, while new bird feeders were tossed to the ground.  The evening before, it had rained the whole night through.  Deep thunder shook my home with walls rumbling from outside to in.

My son warned me about this week on Sunday.  He expected to work a lot of overtime at the Weather Service.  “How many days,” I remember asking him?  “Most of the week,” he answered, without missing a beat.  “Beginning on Tuesday.”

Within minutes the ceiling of the endless sky opened wide, showering the green grass while bending new flowers in half.  Raindrops fell hard and fast, turning to hail the size of marbles.  Regretfully, patio bricks were pummeled, chipping red pavers here and there. Nearly everywhere.

Suddenly a screeching sound was heard, startling Doodle dog and even myself.  There on my phone, an automatic alert.  Checking the text it read,  “Warning, Flash Floods Within Your Area.  Not Safe for Driving.”

With the coming of spring, I must accept the weather that accompanies it which often includes running to the basement without electricity.  Provisions are stashed in case of an emergency.  Flashlights, water, food and medication together with blankets and even a change of clothes.  Hopefully, they will never be needed.

Here in the mid-west we are all in for several new months of thunderstorms and lightening.  Hail, high winds, and even tornadoes are here or may be coming our way.  We accept many concessions with God’s gifts of the season.  Still, to feel warm sunshine falling on the naked of my face while passing the beauty of flowering trees during a walk with my dog.  That, together with watching the blooming of my mother’s yellow roses all seem like a very small price to pay.  At least on this day.


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44 thoughts on “Concessions

    • Oh, I hope things get better for you, Livonne. Nearing 7pm with the sun shining now, getting ready to set. No roses blooming yet, but I look forward to them every year! Thanks so much for reading. ❤️


  1. This was so quiet in the beginning, then building to a crescendo! April is a month when you never know what will happen in the weather arena. I loved this but hope you were not too worried or afraid. Sorry to hear about rain chipping away at things around your patio, Kim!

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    • Thank you kindly, Robin. No, not afraid. Used to it around here, although tornadoes do frighten me! And, I always worry about my ‘family.’ Yes, sad about my patio…will have to place my potted flowers a bit more strategically. 😊


    • Thank you! A rare moment ‘between’ two storms. Cleared in the afternoon, but more on the way. It’s a life here that we’re used to. The only thing that truly scares me are tornadoes. So unpredictable and destructive.


    • Thanks so much, Sally. Yes, he always lets me know when and ‘what’ is coming my way. An ominous sky today, but good for staying in to read and write. 🙂 Take care with much love to you.

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  2. You seem to be used to these moments in Mother natures weather Kim, hope you never get to use your emergency kit, I like it that your son works at the weather station and also you get flooding alerts.
    Where I live we get fire alerts and still need our emergency kit, when Ana lived in Chile they get Earthquake alerts, seems Mother nature certainly moves around the whole globe.
    Keep well and safe, the Sun will shine again some sunny day.
    Emu and Ian

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    • All around the world it seems! Like you said, thankfully, we get ‘alerts’ to keep us safe. It’s been a crazy week, with sun and storms alternating from hour to hour. Lots of area damage, but everything is okay where I am. Thanks so much, Emu. Blessings.


    • Thank you for your beautiful compliment to me. I’m actually late in responding because we’ve had on & off storms since I wrote this post. Hail, flooding and yes, even a few dreaded tornadoes. Every one around me is safe, thankfully. I, too, love all of the seasons and of course my roses! 🌹

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  3. Hi! I know Let’s Cut the Crap and Sally and some other people here. I came to thank you for visiting my site. I’m glad you liked my post “Warning” Your 24 Hour Day is Shrinking”.

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