Sweet Bunny of Brown

Bunny of brown hopping through grasses of tall and green

Darting about stopping to munch his lunch.

Children at play point fingers his way

“Look,” they say!

Bunny of brown is fearful now hiding behind bushes near.

Toes of ten stuck on little feet skip loose around each bend

Hoping to catch a closer look of fur so soft with tail of white.

“If only to touch for one second in life, feelings of soft dreamy delight!”

Bunny of brown hiding under tree of pine where needles have fallen to the ground

With eyes of coffee watching carefully while ears twitch ever so slight.

Vibrations felt, grasses bend, toddlers and tots inch far too close

Bunny of brown jumping up and down hopping closer to its home.

Free at last hiding in his mother’s nest

Taking time to finally rest.

Yes, my sweet Bunny of Brown.



37 thoughts on “Sweet Bunny of Brown

  1. Lovely, Kim. Such a beautiful image of the rabbit and the photos were lovely too. As much as I love rabbits, they are a serious environmental menace in Australia and that can’t but alter my perspective. At the same time, they’re so soft and fluffy!


    • Thanks for reading, Roweena. I suppose the forest food chain behind my home takes care of that…😓 So lucky to have them around in the spring! Happy Easter to You!


  2. Beautiful Easter pictures Kim.
    Wishing you a great Easter.
    Hope you do know that Easter Bunnies don’t lay Easter eggs Kim.
    Can get a bit confusing when explaining to your grandchildren.


    • Lol, Ian! Perhaps my sweet bunny of brown will inadvertently lead the way to ‘magic’ eggs hidden within grasses green? Peaceful Easter to you and your family with love and thanks to you. 🐰


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