The Thursday Thirteen: 13 Books I Loved as a Child and Love as an Adult

What books would you choose? Part Time Monster chooses 13 children’s books already proven to be WINNERS.   An easy choice for you.   She’s done all the work.   Hope on over to your local library or bookstore ASAP!

10 thoughts on “The Thursday Thirteen: 13 Books I Loved as a Child and Love as an Adult

  1. Ha, I can’t get pulled into this Kim as Caxton was still working on his printing press when I was a lad. We didn’t have books and no chocolate either.
    I can’t remember specific books but certainly LOTR was a big influence when it fell on my toe,( in one volume) and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe was one I remember.The Just William books of Richmal Crompton were a lot of fun too.
    xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

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    • Thanks for reading, David. Oh, dropping LOTR on your toe-OUCH! I can’t imagine not having books (or chocolate) as a child. No wonder you have such a love for them now. Books for sure, chocolate? Love and hugs to you as well.

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    • Me too, Livonne. From my mother’s doll collection, I have the whole series of Madame Alexander dolls from years ago together with an old original 1st edition book displayed proudly next to them. Love the book!!! 🙂


  2. I visit my grandchildren and have never seen a Dr Suess in their house, but today I had a beautiful experience of reading to my two grandchildren, when they presented me with a book to read, I don’t know what the book was about, as I had forgotten my glasses, I made it up as I went with lots of train toots and chugalugs and expressions, they were happy.

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  3. I just wrote on someone’s blog, how much I loved “Where the Sidewalk Ends,” by Shel S. and all Christina Rossetti’s poems, too. This was a lovely “Baker’s Dozen” of books. One of my first favorite books, was “Winnie the Pooh” in “The House at Pooh’s Corner,” Kim. I liked “The Secret Garden,” but treasured, “A Wrinkle in Time.” I was fond of “Little Women” since it led me into all the others following the sisters lives. I also enjoyed the “Little House in the Prairie” series and Nancy Drew mysteries. I did not quite add enough, I will probably think of another I loved so much!

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    • Such a great list here! As I grew a bit older, I loved reading all of the “Little House” and “Nancy Drew” books too. I remember imagining that I even was ‘Nancy Drew’ for a bit! Loved to lose myself between the pages of those stories! ❤️


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