“. . . listen like saguaros listening to cactus wrens”

Beautiful poem making me long for my father”s desert Arizona home.   I love and miss you, Dad!  🙂

Becoming is Superior to Being

7 Falls (1 of 1) sepia blogSonoran Desert Moonscape — Image by kenne

. . . listen like a mountain

listen like saguaros listening

to cactus wrens, coyotes, night

owl: listen like the owl

listen like the owl’s prey

jittery in rocks beneath bighorn’s

clocking feet: listen to the clock

listen to time, listen

to rattler’s warning maracas

listen, like the culebra, with

your tongues . . .


carnales listen

to the hymn of it, the lie of it, the

prayer of it, the voices

singing our names: listen

it’s our story, it’s our song,

you’ve got to hear it — 


— from Listen, by Luis Alberto Urrea

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2 thoughts on ““. . . listen like saguaros listening to cactus wrens”

  1. This was such a lovely poem and reminder of my Dad, too. He loved visiting my Mom’s father and stepmother out in Phoenix, Arizona. When he retired from his career, where he wore the white shirt, tie and dark suits, he decided to be a bolo tie wearer, Kim! He and my Mom sold their ‘too big’ house and moved to a cottage on Lake Erie, bought a Transvan, joined a ‘camping club,’ and traveled the country. My kids felt it was ‘camping’ even if it was in a van! Smiles!

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    • Oh, love this story! So familiar with the ‘bolo’ ties! Good for them, traveling to see our country while sharing time with grandkids! No stress…living life as we all wish we could!! Awesome!


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