The whole of the day was spectacular.  Sun sparkled high in the blue of everywhere while a warm breeze lofted through the air, even blowing through my hair.  A splendid sort of day, one where convertibles peeked out of garages for the very first time.  And yet, only a few short moons before a picture postcard of another sort grabbed me by the hand, luring me out to play.

I remember fingers of ten pushing down keys, naturally lifting them up while I sat behind a keyboard of basic black.  Earlier, I woke with a horrible migraine headache, my own Chronic Condition.  I visit a neurologist regularly, keep a ‘headache diary’ and know that prescription medication must be swallowed at the earliest onset in order to keep the pain at bay.  Hoping it will go away.

Hours before, rain had drizzled from the sky of night, dazzling the pavers of our driveway.  Glancing out long narrow windows of the turret in my office library, they glistened and looked brand new.  Mist hovered in the air surrounding them like tiny beads of steam bubbling on a glass door of clear during a hot shower.

As the morning went on, I continued to work while glaring at my computer screen.  Simple sounds of soft keys clicking up and down began to SCREAM at me.  Temples on each side of my head pulsated in unison.  What to do?  My headache was going to be endured regardless.  Literally, I threw caution to the wind.  Tossing on a raincoat, I drove to the nearest walking park near a lovely winding river.  I wanted to take deep breaths, to breathe cool damp air deep into my lungs, hoping my head would not be worse for wear.

The cool squishy ground together with puddles here and there were a gift to me.  The park was mine alone.  It was hushed quiet except for birds hiding in overgrown woods surrounding the grounds.  Grasses were golden damp while trunks of trees were painted green with stripes of lime colored moss.  Venturing toward the nearby river, toes of boots nudged piles of musty leaves, soaked from the rain while squirrels played tag a few steps away.

Around the bend I discovered a dead-end.  Erosion from the river had eaten a two lane road totally away together with most of the trail, making it unsafe for any passers-by. There was nothing to do but turn around.

Upon reaching my car, I shook my head in disbelief.  No more headache.  I  thanked God for this relief from pain.  Taking in one last look around the park, I noticed a Robin strutting close by.  Bright red in breast, he tossed a pink worm.  Up…up…up into the air, fresh from a cocoa colored puddle that lay atop the grass of golden brown.

Never thankful for a migraine headache, everything truly happens for a reason.  Sometimes hidden until later, waiting for the curtain to be parted or a season of newness to begin.

Yes, always a Lesson for me.

35 thoughts on “Riverwalk

  1. Oh how I wish that would work for mine! Every once in a blue moon I use a skill that ends up helping but mostly it’s medication and sleep that will get rid of mine. I’m glad the park helped you with yours though. 🙂

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    • Well, it was one last attempt before crawling under the covers! Such an unexpected blessing to be lifted from pain after taking in my new surroundings!! You have my sympathy as a fellow migraine sufferer. I struggled for years (even going to ER) before finally getting a proper diagnosis. Much better now than years in the past. Prayers for your pain. 🙏

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      • Your history sounds like mine haha. I had to go to the ER many times as well and are better now than in the past. Although my monthly cycle brings them on every time…

        Thank you 🙂 I hope you are still doing well?

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  2. That’s a wonderful way of clearing a migraine, much better than prescription pain relief and so much prettier.
    I’m sorry you suffer so much. I rarely suffer now but my daughter still does. I think she walks too .
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • Oh, David, blessings to your dear daughter. Actually, I do take a prescription at the onset of a migraine. It didn’t work that morning. I could have been in for a very bad day…maybe two or more. Luckily, I was blessed! 😊

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  3. Sorry about the headaches. I don’t suffer but the mrs does. I know that they csn be awful. I love the pictures, particularly the ones where the bare trees are over the road. I hope you’re feeling better.

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    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Dan. I was amazed to see a full, two lane road completely gone! Nothing left except a sliver of pavement covered by overgrown vines. Nature at its best, I guess! My empathy to your wife when suffering with a headache. Truly awful. 😞

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  4. Though hinted in your profile, I never guessed that migraine would be such a menacing candidate in your life. Your coping mechanism, Kim, is clearly indicative of how something as negative as the prickly migraine pain can not only be overcome but serve as the trigger for a refreshing river walk in the rain soaked country side with the smell of the wet earth, occasional shower of droplets of water from tree leaves spraying on oneself like a benediction from the passing breeze and the suddenly cleansed air uplifting the spirits. Sitting here, I enjoyed your river walk, visualising it all through your narrative and pics…with an affectionate pat on your head to dispel whatever remains of your migraine…best wishes… Raj.

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    • Thank you for such beautiful words, Raj. I’d like to take credit for such, but medication is still taken at the onset of a migraine in order for me to live a normal life. Typically I have between 5-13 migraines a month. I lived for years without any medication until the pain started sending me to the hospital for relief. On this day it did not work, but in the end what a gift I was given!! Blessings to you, Raj. 😊


  5. Your words hum so beautifully across the page.If every word written is a breath to a song then you have captured this secret beautifully. I felt your emotions. Thank you, Kim.


    • Such a beautifully written comment from you, Barry. My special thanks for reading. How I wish I could sing….Lol! Sincere thanks for reading with wishes for a wonderful day. Blessings.


  6. How I would love to get out and just be. I feel for anyone with a headache or migraine. I have had only a few headaches worth mentioning and two migraines that I remember. When there is a bad mood about things like a walk in the rain and a Robin to bring a body around. Have a lovely day.

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  7. All of your pics are good Kim, the last one is epic. It seems spring is still hiding a little though. The fresh air and walk was obviously good for your migraine.

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    • Oh, I appreciate your kind compliment, Laurie, but I have an I-Phone camera which does not compare. Love to capture pictures, though. Perhaps in another life-time? And, yes, the fresh air must have done something to help my migraine together with the beauty of nature. 🙂

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      • I’ve seen some great pics come out of iphones Kim. I just prefer to use my dslr. It’s amazing what fresh air can do. Do you drink enough water through the day, sometimes dehydration can bring on migraines?

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      • Probably not….shame on me! You are right, and I’ve suffered the wrath of kidney stones so I DO know better. Still, I get so busy that I forget. POOR excuse. I should live a liter on my desk, in the car, or wherever I go. Will try to do better. 🙂

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  8. Just reading that, I was overcome with calmness and peace. Such a beautiful post and pictures. I love how you always manage to bring out and focus on positivity no matter what. Always giving us a positive outlook on life. Thank you for this 🙂 ❤

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    • So welcome you are! Thrilled that you were able to be here and enjoy it with me. An unexpected outcome to time spent with peace and beauty. Made me realize I should take time for myself more often. 😊


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