Are You Listening?







A child of two or three takes steps you see

With coat and hat warm to be

On battered bricks of pebbled brown

Toddling on streets in square of town

Listening…listening to sounds he hears.

Where to go when feeling free

When feathers beckon to follow thee?

Fluttering wings and tilt of head with tail to catch

So close behind he’s almost there

Listening….listening to sounds he hears.

A magic bird held in arms that care

Angel wings with beak that sings.

Humming, whistling, caws and wooos….

Listening, listening to sounds he hears.

43 thoughts on “Are You Listening?

  1. Beautiful poem Kim.. and the young love to chase Pigeons .. Love and Peace to you.. And Happy Mother’s Day, if its the day you celebrate on Sunday~ Mother’s Day, It is here in the UK.. Enjoy your weekend Kim.. ❤ Hugs Sue

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  2. I remember my kids clattering around and sometimes, we cannot help ourselves to say, “hush” or to “hurry up!” We only realize when we are older and wiser, that each moment is so precious. Yes, yes, we must listen and Hear their voices, Kim!

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