The Perfect Day

Dare my mind believe spring has sprung?   Truly, just begun?

The clocks were set back prior to sleep last Saturday night while I hoped seven hours of slumber would magically feel like eight upon my wake.  When lids lifted ‘later’ than usual Sunday morn, it was easy to pretend.  Opening blinds of white to see a sun of yellow, it shined so bright…high in the sky.  I had to bend my neck to the right while peeking through slats to see it there.

Grabbing a robe, Doodle dog followed every single step, meandering through rooms and spaces small until we were out the double doors atop the patio.  Bricks of red felt unusually warm below bare feet and paws.  Snow was gone.  Could it be so?   Birds were chirping, flying feathers near.  I glanced above to see never-ending blue without a cloud in sight.  A perfect morning with a blanket big covering the ground below.

After weeks and months of cold, could it be true?  Oh, to count my blessings.  I would not argue with such wonder.  Never, oh no!

I spent much of the day walking….w.a.l.k.i.n.g.  It seemed like miles at times.  No boots or gloves or a single scarf of stripes around my neck.  No wooly hat upon my head.  Bare hands held a wide string of dog at my side in the warmth of 66 degrees.  I spoke to neighbors and little ones in the streets.  Smiles of teeth and jokes to tickle my inner belly.  Silly fun!  Shook hands and met new neighbors never seen before.  Played in poofs of dust from colored chalk drawn on driveways.   Shared time with family and marveled at the antics of an innocent child with curls who lived in a place called Wonderland while basking in the glory of golden rays upon my face from God above.

Yes, it was the perfect day……


28 thoughts on “The Perfect Day

  1. Beautiful pictures here Kim, oh and there’s nothing like a perfect spring day. We’ve shifted into autumn and it’s just like summer still. 🙂

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