Old and Newness

Life.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  How fast it flies before our eyes.  No more has this picture reel of reality flashed before my own than in the last couple of days that I’ve helped to care for my grand-baby twins.

They are two months old now and have finally grown to new-born size.  Bundles of innocence swaddled in blankets of gauze.   Flannel sleepers printed in dancing rainbow elephants.  Buttons, zippers and covered snaps of Downey soft against the delicacies of skin gently massaged in baby lotion hinted in shades of pink.  Oh what a scent so sweet!  Hundreds of kisses skip over growing curls of silken black hair on otherwise bald heads.  Too many invisible prints of lips to count.  Never enough for “Grandma.”

Yesterday, while changing the ‘younger’ of the two girls, we had a private conversation.  Staring back at blue-green eyes contented, there was no doubt she recognized my voice.  Normally she isn’t too fond of being naked, even for a short minute.  But, this time she looked at me wide-eyed, as if in amazement.  “What are you saying to me, Grandma,” she wondered?

While covering her in cotton, stories were whispered about Mommy, Daddy and her precious sisters.  I reminded her of the love they shared together, and how one day they would open a chubby fist in order for her to grasp a golden string.   Someday not so far away she would pull a magic wooden moon of painted yellow to float future dreams on four wheels a wobbling.

Spring was coming soon so I traced word pictures on her tummy, creating stroller walks we’d take while rays of sun soaked the curve of our backs.   With wheels bumping over gravel, God would warm our fronts for us to view wildflowers along a path in surprise colors she had never seen before.  E.V.E.R.  Can you imagine that?

Slipping a tiny curled fist through a soft cotton sleeve, the last of two bent legs stuffed into the bottom of a ‘dragons’ foot.  It was an emerald-green grinning face together with grey felt claws hanging from side to side.  Zipping her up, I wound the music on her party-colored mobile of merry-go-round animals to simply gaze at her.  She grasped my finger, holding on tight.  My heart spilled over while drinking her in.

This littlest grand-baby of mine listened to melodies of music while turning her head to and fro to the sound of them.  And, then she stopped to stare straight through me.  Kicking her ‘dragon claws’ in wild delight, she struggled to make first sounds while opening a rosebud mouth.  Smiling at me, yes truly smiling at me, her lips arched upward singing her first “Coo” to the tune of the music.

Life.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  The lives of my little grand-babies are just beginning while mine is….well, on the other side of theirs.  The love I have for all five of them pushes me with renewed inspiration to share with all the world.

Not quite ready to call it a day…or a month…or even a year.  Right here, right now, I see myself writing forever in this cozy office space within the comfort of old and new books surrounding me.  I must remember that inspiration is a newness forever in my mind, never to grow old or disappear.





42 thoughts on “Old and Newness

  1. What a beautiful blessing twice given. I love the way babies are photographed today. So creative and in such darling poses. May God continue to work through your writing to share your love with them. Congrats, grandma!


    • Oh, Sally, tears to my eyes in learning of your missed grandparent relationship. Sad too, that they missed such a special ‘Sally’ child. Breaks my heart. Thank you for Reblogging this post together with all the endearing love you share with others. You are a true blessing, Sally. Much love to you.

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    • Hello Dan: Thank you, sincerely for spending time with me today! Not ‘my’ babies in any of the photos, but yes, each and everyone loved as much as my little grand-babies. How can they not be??? 💓


  2. Oh Grandma. how those little grandbabies are going to love you and all those sweet words you draw pictures of the day with.How delighted one day to read their names inside a book dedicated to them filled with stories written for them by this beloved person in their lives who has the soul of a poet.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • Dear David: YOU are the poet to compliment me with lines and words that fill dreams in my head! With four infants and a toddler in my life, notebooks of spiral are filling up fast. I hope you realize how very much you are loved by me and others around the world. ❤️

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      • Ha, I think tolerated might be a better word to use Kim. So many kind people out there
        Get the spiral notebooks typed up and start sharing your words of love with the world and filling the grandbabies future with the joy of knowing how loved they are.
        xxx Cwtch xxx


      • You’re probably right about the notebooks, but I can’t agree with others “tolerating” you. No. it’s love, David. Let go of your humbleness to soak it in. Happiness shines all around you.☀️☀️☀️


  3. What a lovely post, it brought me to tears, Kim. Such sweet angels and how much love you all give to them. Their future will be wonderful filled with love and happiness. Time flies way too fast, you are so right about this. Seems only yesterday, I was bringing home my first baby. She will be 35 next month. My oldest grandson and granddaughter are both going to be 11 this year. One in June, (my son’s stepdaughter) and my Skyler will be 11 in November. I was there the day she went into labor, my oldest daughter and they used the (Leboyier) oops cannot spell it, water method, which I used once for my son’s birth.

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    • Oh my gosh, Robin, it seems impossible for you to have ‘grand-babies’ of that age! You are right, before I know it my own will be growing, flying off with the minutes of time until years have gone by. Will I ever be ready? No, and yet it’s inevitable. I must enjoy each and every second of babyhood. 😊 Thank you as always for all of your kind words.


  4. What a wonderful way to describe the special time you have with your grand babies. Thank you for sharing these special moments. They are indeed fleeting! My children are growing up so fast, I sometimes just stare at them, trying to capture their moments of change which seem to happen overnight!


  5. So sweet! My cousin and his wife came to visit with their 5 months old daughter and just seeing them experiencing everything for the first time makes you think…They are lovely. And I hope you’ll tell us much more about them as they keep growing.


    • Olga, what a delight you must have had with your cousin and his family! Your comment about “everything new” is what puts me in awe while watching little ones. It is the best part of life! Blessings, Olga.


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