Are You Hoping For Spring?

      It’s bitter cold outdoors, and yet the view through my cherry blinds of wood depict the promise of a coming spring.  Yes, a patchwork quilt of powdered snow covers the climbing hill behind my home. 

      Rays of sun sparkle through a forestland of tall gray trees, sharing shadowed imprints of majestic trunks atop blades of evergreen grass barely peeking through. 

      Grabbing a jacket to hear the beauty of it, I stepped onto my ice-covered patio.  There, I gazed at a sky the color of a bluebird’s breast and indeed heard wings chirping by.  

      Leafless limbs scattered their fingertips of weathered bark from one end of vastness to the other.  They reached nearly out of sight, surely toward an unseen cloud of Heaven.

      I looked into the viewfinder of my phone to snap a photograph.  The sight I saw was pretty, not altogether unusual.  “Click-click.” And, then my picture came through, nearly taking my breath away.

      Although it is the sun, it seems as though the light of God shines brightly between the oaks of the forest, making way for spring.  Or perhaps an angel soars wearing blinding wings to beckon this new season that I’m hoping for?

      Tell me, do you see what I see?ο»Ώ


      25 thoughts on “Are You Hoping For Spring?

      1. Even though it is cold out…I see hope…I see spring just around the corner and all that He created just waiting to brighten up our day….I can taste the maple syrup that will be running in a few months.


      2. Well done. I like the shadows. Shadows take me places. I’m always looking at shadows, on the wall, in the woods, on the ground. I’m going to stop here; I’ve got an idea. πŸ™‚


        • You’re making me smile, Rob! Thanks for reading and commenting. Can’t wait to ‘hear’ about your idea! There is something mysterious about shadows, isn’t there? I didn’t even notice them until after looking at the picture!

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