Silent White

So quiet today.  Snowflakes falling…falling…falling until they landed silently atop a million or more drifted near my door.  Later, a slight tug-of-war broke out, highlighted by the sound of rubber screeching slightly.  Me, using a bit of force to push against it.  “No, don’t open me,” my back door seemed to say.

The white seal at the bottom of the door frame had expanded.  The cold of dropping temperatures together with the freezing flakes of white seemed to have made the door fit tighter.  Finally, with another push of my shoulder the door burst free, flooding me with fresh cold air.

My back yard is blanketed in virgin white snow.  I’d guess about six inches or more.  Not an animal track to be seen anywhere.  No deer or turkey, nor feathered friends have crossed my land.  The tree branches hang covered, while bushes low to the ground look like they have been drizzled with powdered sugar icing.   They remind me of cookies decorated long ago with a frosting tube.  Obviously, the ‘child’ in me got carried away……Still, they are beautiful.

The snowflakes started last night.  I caught a glimpse of them when I let my ‘Doodle’ dog out just before bedtime.  Snowflakes splashed on to my face.  New and wet, fresh from a dark moonlit sky.  I ran to grab my camera phone, hoping to capture a picture of them falling in front of a street light.  Such a sight to behold.  No one else seen on the road.  I was wrapped in the quiet wonder of it.  Under the light, such a contrast between the jet black onyx of the sky and the sparkling bright, white snow.  It was as though no one existed in all the world except for me and God.

Back inside the warmth of my cozy home, I wiped clumps of snow off the paws of my loyal furry friend.  Locking doors before bed, I peeked out a leaded glass window one last time to view the street light where snowflakes had given me something to dream about.  Yes, the lamp still shined brightly among the darkness.  And, all around it fell beautiful wet snow flakes of silent white.





47 thoughts on “Silent White

  1. I liked your descriptions, Kim. Powdered sugar makes it sound so special compared to the way others are starting to describe the snow. I am keeping all those who have over a few feet of snow in my prayers. My second and third cousins live in Rockport, Mass. It was like a frozen Perfect Storm, in photographs.

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    • Hi Robin: Forgive me, somehow my comments seem to get ‘lost’ before I may discover them. Thank you, as always. Yes, I have those in MA. and the East Cost in my prayers as they’ve been hit time after time. Particularly, Boston. Nothing like I’ve ever seen before! I had one day of shoveling yesterday which, I’m sure was nothing compared to what they are going through. Shame on me for even complaining!!


  2. You make it sound like a fairyland. That’s a very clever shot of the streetlamp with snow coming down Kim. It all looks magical. I think the animals and birds are inside having a warm cuppa rather than disturbing the virgin snow around you.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • Well, not a very good picture, I’m afraid, but the sight it real time was amazing, David. So quiet and silet, just like I said. Me and God on that street….with prayers in my head. Beautiful . Thank you, Sweet David. Hugs to you, too.

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  3. Had to share Kim’s breathtaking and spiritual wonderment walking through the snow. Being in Australia on the other side of the world where I was walking our dogs along the beach on a hot summer’s day and photographing them as the waves rolled in. That’s the beauty of our world. It’s such a dazzling, multifaceted diamond…and so are we!!Enjoy xx Rowena

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  4. Beautiful words and lovely pictures, which seem so far away for me… it’s been ages since I haven’t lived in a place where snow falls at the backyard, which I remember both beautiful and annoying, snow is for free days and not for going to work.

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  5. Some stunning pictures of one of the nature’s wonders. Your words match these pictures beautifully. Loved this “I peeked out a leaded glass window one last time to view the street light where snowflakes had given me something to dream about” — very innocent, calming and special 🙂


  6. There is always something so magical about snow.. And I can see why you felt ” It was as though no one existed in all the world except for me and God.”…
    Such a well written post dear Kim.. I hope you keep warm and safe.. sending you lots of warm hugs your way.. Love Sue xox


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