A “Fishy” Imagination

Mommy said, “Go to bed!”  Hurry up, can’t stay up, little girl must brush pearl teeth. Quick, comb your hair.  Climb each stair we’re almost there.  Under covers tucked right in. Kiss on cheek with book to read.  Turn the page…look!  Lots of kids with more like me. Night-night now, close the door.  Moonlight shines on wooden floor.  Tiny thump with four paws down.  Darkness fades around her bed, light bulb flashes in my head.  “Get up!  Get UP! GET UP RIGHT NOW,” my mewing said!  She stirs and wrestles.  POOF! Plump pillows push floating feathers to play with me.  Soon, I hear her breathing even and steady.  “Wait….I’m not ready!”  Open a window, slink down trellis, green with waxy vines.  Careful and quiet don’t cause a riot.  Mommy sleeping, daddy too, stars are waiting with hilltop seat for me.  There it is, way up in the darkness of the sky.  Twinkling lights dance to form a picture. “Do you see what I see?”  A tasty dessert for me to eat.  My imaginary bedtime treat!Beautiful Night Sky Wallapers (19)

18 thoughts on “A “Fishy” Imagination

  1. This was so creative, Kim. You could put a sentence on each page, making it a story book. I love the picture you chose to illustrate this bedtime story.
    I posted my “Premio Dardos” post today, Kim. Thank you so very much for nominating me. You will see how I wrote about a wide variety of subjects, including Detective Charlie Chan! Fun for me to think of a unique way to accept my nomination. Hugs to you, my friend.

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  2. Beautiful Kim, very creative and great imagery.
    Read it twice to get involved in the scenario.
    The beauty of it was that at the finish, I could sense serenity and inner harmony.


  3. The star-lit Sky in your fishy imagination is sure to grace many more window views of Kim and party….in your situation, it is virtually Valentine every day of the year, so here is mine to add to it… Raj.


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