Premio Dardos Award






Awards….so rewarding.  Although the temperature has dropped from 72 last Saturday to only 29 today, my world is filled with blue skies and plenty of warming sun having being nominated for the esteemed Primio Dardos award by the terrific Sally Cronin.

This award recognizes cultural, personal, ethical, and literary values in creative and original writing.  At first glance I had to read the above over again, wondering if my blog truly qualified.  For Sally to believe it does humbles me greatly while motivating my imagination.  I have much more writing to do, more topics to explore and more words to offer others.  Thank you Sally, for this very great honor

Please visit Sally who blogs at where you will find a variety of topics from health to humor.  She is one of the most giving persons I’ve ever met or known, always tooting someone else’s horn before her very own.   She is a published author, wife and animal lover who works from day to night running several successful companies with her adoring husband while juggling several hats on her lovely coiffed head.   Please take time to get to know her as she is a fantastic person and supporter of others like no other.  I feel privileged to know her in this blogging world of ours.

Rules: The rules of acceptance are quite simple.  Please thank the blogger who nominates you with a link to their site, followed by nominating 15 fellow bloggers whose writing you so admire.  Add a link and a bit of information about each one to help readers learn a bit about them.  Hopefully, they will become followers and their readership will grow.

**With so many terrific writers it is always difficult to narrow the number down to only 15.  Please do not take offense if your site is not on the list below.  It truly is nearly an impossible task.

***On the flip-side, some nominated bloggers may no longer accept awards or do not have the time to do so.  I understand and will not be offended in any way.  Every blog is a gift to others, listed or not.  I thank all of you for your passion, for following your dreams of writing and providing all of us at WordPress with the gift of each word you write.

Nominations: Pamela is a published author who specializing in the genres of romance and suspense.   A loving wife and mother, she teaches creative writing in addition to blogging.  Noelle was raised in a small town near the eastern shore, but now lives in North Carolina.  She is the mother of two children and the author of two, published novels. Rowena blogs and writes at “Beyond the Flow.”  It is a collection of thoughts and musings of what may enter her mind on a daily basis.  I relate to her on many levels as we have chronic illness in our lives, yet she perseveres, never dwelling on it but choosing to focus on the ‘positives’ in life. Mihran is trained in Hospitality Consulting and Services.  However,  she has gifts of  many including writing, singing and inspiring others.  She writes poetry, short stories, general musings and posts beautiful artwork on her blog. Mahesh is a most esteemed writer, having received a professional certification of Creative Fiction in Writing from NYU.  His posts vary with his feelings as he pens profound words on various topics, always writing what matters most to his heart. Christy writes from Canada.  She has a debut book of poetry with rave reviews coming out and inspires others with her words.  She posts poetry, music, short stories and interviews. AB is a self-proclaimed, “Nomad on the Loose.”  He is an accomplished poet who writes fantastic and often profound lines of poetry each and every day.  Do not miss his posts! Michael is a shamanic healer, a psychotherapists and a teacher among other things.  I truly enjoy his posts as his writing reaches deep into your soul with a short paragraph or two.  Lovely writing. “D’s” blog is always a surprise.  She is a voracious reader who had a happy childhood and lives in Canada.  Her words will make your heart sing, your eyes shed tears or your belly laugh A blog of beautiful lines of poetry are written several times per day, most with fabulous photographs, readings or music.  Astounding! Scott is a missionary who travelled to Guatemala where his life was changed forever.  In addition to blogging, he is a husband and father who works as a corporate trainer and speaker.  He now travels the world to spread his word of goodwill to others. “Zip” writes from her free spirit, never knowing which way her keyboard may take her.  She prefers poetry although once in a while a short story will pop into her blog. Robin has recently entered yet anther chapter in her life and writes about many subjects.  Family is very important to her, specifically her children and grandchildren.  You will find her loving life within her words, never knowing what she may write about day-to-day. Allie has truly lived her life, and is a firm believer in her dreams.  An accomplished writer and published author from the UK, she most often writes poetry. Christine hopes to inspire others through her blog.  She is extremely successful in many different areas including “Happiness!”  Kudos to you, Christine!



35 thoughts on “Premio Dardos Award

  1. Thank you so much for this fantastic award nomination, Kim! Your list includes some new ones I will have to come back and check sometime soon. Meanwhile, I am going over to my drafts and will make sure I get your name and the award written down. I open my drafts when I get to the library first, which reminds me of what I need to write about next… Hugs and special wishes for you to have a happy Valentine’s Day and really nice rest of the week, Kim. You are a blessing to all of us who have gotten to ‘know’ you through your caring posts.

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  2. I am beyond honored to have been selected by you for the Premio Dardos award. Although I don’t accept awards anymore for a variety of reasons, I appreciate the time and effort and thoughtfulness that goes into the selection of nominees and then adherence to the rules, which introduces us to new and original bloggers. I know that I’ll be visiting each of your nominees and saying hi. By the way, I think your blog is terrific!

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  3. What do I say! It’s the goodness of kind people like you that an undeserving blogger like me is getting this recognition. I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. I’m truly excited and would accept this award with all humility. Thanks once again!! May your blog continue to be loved by more and more people. More strength and power to you, Kim.

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    • Thank you for such kind words in reblogging this post, Sally. Love the depiction of your hair! A good giggle from me this morning! I apologize for my delay. Recently took care of sick babies who passed it along to me. Feeling guilty for being in bed for two days straight! Up and running again soon……:) Thank you again for such a beautiful award with great substance. So very proud to display it upon my shelf!!!!


  4. Wonderful! Absolutely deserved and love your words about the other writers you nominated as well. I’m always excited to visit your posts. Your stories are so alive with life! Well done, Kim!

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