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Reblogged  and edited from 1/6/2014 in honor of my son for “National Weatherperson’s Day.”

Most of the country is in a deep freeze today.  A friend from St. Louis texted me a picture of my home.  It looked like a Christmas picture postcard all adrift in powdery snow.  A bit blurry at first, I squeezed my eyes tighter to hold my I-Phone a bit farther away.  No, there was nothing wrong with my eyes.  The picture was fine, not fuzzy or out of focus.  It was simply difficult to see my home adrift in all of the white of sparkling powder.  Millions of minute snowflakes, no two alike were falling from God’s sky in all of their delight.

Currently, the weather is a dilemma in many parts of our country.  This is not lost on me.  I’ve raised a son who lives and breathes it every day.   Since toddlerhood, he has been fascinated with snow.  Now that he is an adult, he warns of severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and all of the alike while helping to predict hurricanes and typhoons.  His passion though, is snow.   Yes, S.N.O.W,  through and through.

Whenever my son sits in front of his computer modules looking at colors on the screen…. lines of reds, greens, blues and yellows together with squiggles of movement and flow, it becomes his golden time.  He’s waited all his life for such weather history.  Half the earth is colder than it may ever be in this century!  This is my son’s life-time of dreams with a shiny trophy to be put on an imaginary shelf.  One he never expected to live to see, yet here it is!  Can it really be?

My son has a passionate love for the beauty of the freezing snow.  Yes, this is true.  Most importantly, he saves lives.  Lives…..yours and mine!  Others don’t often stop to think about this. Many make jokes about the weather.  Some say, “Anyone can predict it.”  Ha! When sirens screech loudly in the distance or when radio signals blare while local television weather persons say, “TAKE COVER,” it is due to the years of education together with many long and arduous working hours of….you guessed it, my son’s forecasting.

True, the study of “Atmospheric Science” or Weather is my son’s  passion.  Still, stop to think about this.  He gets up in the dawn of morn or the black of midnight while his wife and precious babies sleep tight.  Sweetly, he kisses pink foreheads before packing up to leave for an unknown number of hours.  His ‘day’ depends on weather conditions that may extend for an unknown number of hours.  Working three different shifts from week to week or month to month, his schedule often changes.   His body clock struggles to adapt, yet he never, ever complains.  At times, his loyal service dog, “Nimbus,” may look up to question him.  Black eyes the color of damp mud look to his Master as if to say, “Already?”  “Again?”  Four paws and a tail shake it off before trudging away for another night or day.

So, while you’re out shoveling today, slipping, sliding, complaining or having fun, please remember my son.  Yes, he lives and breathes to see sparkling, white snow.  But, too, he’s always doing his very best job for you.

His very best job….


66 thoughts on “The Forecaster

  1. Please convey my regards to your ‘forecaster’ son, Kim. Is he not concerned about the disruptive and irregular weather patterns with every passing year? Do get his feedback.. The pics of homes, trees, gent and canine companion and umbrella holding couple would have all been so endearing but for the thick blanket of snow giving everything a frigid and monotonous whitewash…sending you warm hugs…best wishes… Raj.


    • Thank you for your regards to my son, Raj. Yes, he has great concern for ‘Global Warming’ as does his wife who has a PhD in Climatology. Together, they have studied and seen unhealthy changes coming to the beauty of our world for several years. Many did not want to believe him, however it is becoming more apparent that change is already here.


    • My son recently read my post as if were new, having forgotten about it after all this time. When I explained that someone special had “Reblogged” it together with the honor of such, a shower of shy pride curtained his humble face. True thanks to you Sally…from the two of us! Much love with many blessings.

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    • Heartfelt thanks for your special words. Winter…my son’s favorite time of year and yet yesterday one would have thought he won the lottery! St. Louis broke a record ‘high’ temperature of 72 degrees! ☀️

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      • ha – how awesome – and we almost hit 70 today – and guess what Kim – I all enjoy the full four seasons and don’t mind the snow – but was so skied (like your son) – and well, have a good day 🙂 ❤


      • I too love the four seasons, most definitely the beauty of the snow. However, I’m not fond of cold or the icy roads during winter. Guess I’m not the best driver on them, either. 😁

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  2. Such exquisite photos. Love all that snow. Your son does such an important job and goes invisibly about his work. We appreciate it. We heard that the Mayor of NY recently copped flack for closing down the subway but I’d rather our leaders were over-cautious than putting our lives at risk.


      • Well…You will have a chuckle at my quote from the Australian Prime Minister during the recent Sydney Siege. I am not one of his greatest fans. I understand the need to prevent mass panic but just getting on with business as usual under those circumstances doesn’t sit well with me. I was bailed up in front of the Tv for the next few days after breaking my foot so I closely followed the siege. I found out a former work colleague of mine was held hostage there. It’s been trying awful watching her recount her experiences on 60 Minutes last night. I am praying for all of those beautiful people!

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      • I have to remember that. I am just starting to get things into some sort of routine again after the chemo last year and need to add prayer and my Bible reading to the list. I really do need to use a checklist to remember all those daily bits and pieces which are all important to me but get overlooked…a star chart for the over 40s.
        I have had many miraculous answers to prayer and also when God has answered the desires of my heart without me even saying a word.

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      • It’s funny when you reply to all sorts of comments you’ve made and they can actually conflict with each other. A 22 year old friend of mine has a severe form of MD and lost her sister to the same thing. Shes just had surgery to get a trachetomy so she doesn’t have to wear the breathing mask all the time and she is currently in hospital. Her Mum posted this Zig Ziglar quote on FB: “It’s not what happens to you that matters. It’s how you respond to what happens to you that makes a difference.”- Zig Ziglar
        I get a bit fed up with some of the disease moments and I do get angry about what Cassie is going through…and her family and I replied: “Hit it with a baseball bat.” So I’m not always nice and peace, joy and harmony!


      • No, I do understand, believe me. I’ve had many ‘moments’ myself. With my son living with diabetes I had to get up every two-three hours to check his blood sugar, run down stairs to get something for him to eat or drink, then check him again fifteen minutes later. All the while hoping to prevent a seizure. There were many times I wished for ‘normalcy,’ to just be able to go to sleep like other mothers. But, that was not my life. Not to be. I had to accept it. Not ‘like’ it, but accept it and be positive for my son. That’s what I tried to do. Only one of many examples, Roweena. It’s so hard to live with chronic conditions because they never go away, ever. Most people don’t understand…unless they live with one. You do and I empathize with that.


    • So true! In fact, we made a ‘record high’ of 72 degrees, close to my son’s forecast! He was thrilled beyond words although is now dreaming of more S.N.O.W! A few pics are my own taken from an earlier winter storm this season. Others are from my dear friend, Google. 😊

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  3. Beautiful gorgeous snow photos, Kim. And congratulations and thanks to your son. He’s found his life’s passion and calling, a special thing. No snow here yet this winter, but then, it’s the south.


    • Special thanks to you for visiting my words with sincere appreciation. The pictures are collected from my own library together those on Google. Many thanks to the Internet! 👏 😊


  4. What an inspiration your Son is Kim.. and so many forget those behind the scenes who put in long hours to forecast the weather.. So that people like you and I can safely travel..
    I bet you are extremely proud of him.. .. Thank you for sharing your Son with us Kim.. and for allowing us to see how wonderful the snow looks .. even though I know it can be very treacherous and can disrupting to our lives..

    At the moment we have heavy rain and winds.. so we are thankful its not snow..
    Blessings your way Kim..
    Sue xox


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