Heaven’s Angel

Once a tiny seed, a speck, a fleck

Barely fluttering heart so near

Inside my chest.

Love internal soon to grow

Every second

Hour and minute.

Weeks go by

Turning months

Nearly a year

Soon you’ll be here.

Yes, I feel you deep within

Loving you more

Fluttering like before.

Bigger now, the whole of my heart

Close my eyes to dream

Of butterflies beautiful

Imagined, not yet seen.

Soon to be born

Cradle until you fly.

A gush, a splash

Astounding love envelopes me

Baby born, now you’re here

Skin to skin upon my chest

Pink and perfect

Suckle and cry

Tip-toe peeking while you sleep

Mine to keep.

Bursting heart with love to share

Holding you till the end of time

Rolling over, sitting up, grasping toys and giggling too.

First tooth, big smile and curly locks

Cuddling, kissing, wooden chair while daddy rocks.

Dreams of a lifetime snatched forever

Without warning, halting, stopping.

Half a year is not enough

I cry and shake and ask God, “Why?”

Clutching you, tiny fingers too

Nighttime crib, flannel sleeper, little life

My heart is broken, shattered glass

Pieces and shards, strewn over the blanket of life.


No greater loss


What to do, where to go, can’t survive without my child.

My heart has spilled, its empty now

Feeling nothing dark and dead.

Help me God, to understand

Dry my tears, give me strength

Pass the courage today and every tomorrow.

My babe is an angel that I know

Fluttering now outside my chest

She has her wings

Of a golden hue

Butterfly beautiful indeed

The tiny seed

Once a speck

Invisible fleck held so dear.

Needed in Heaven or so I’m told.

Take my hand to pray with me

Rock my baby night and day

A gift to me forever you see

Kiss her gently, love her too

Till I can join her next to You.

Light of Heaven (3)

*For T in memory of her beautiful baby daughter, and to honor all parents who have lost  their loving babies to SIDS.  My heartfelt blessings and prayers to you.




38 thoughts on “Heaven’s Angel

  1. My heart goes out to anyone who’s suffered SIDS, I’m so sorry you’ve felt that huge pain Kim. I don’t agree that anyone wants a baby more than it’s parents though, that need and that love can’t be equaled.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. Poor T, my heart is breaking for her, Kim. This was truly a blessing and comfort to her, I am sure and their family, too. I love how you mentioned the time passing while expecting, which all creates such a high expectation and hopes for the best. So sorry the little angel had such a short time on earth with her Mommy. Heaven needed her sweet soul. I will keep T. in my prayers, Kim.
    Although not the same at all, I had two miscarriages and the comfort for me was someone who told me to purchase a plant and water it, with blossoms which would come once or twice a year. It really did make me smile when the flowers came out. Along with buying a baby’s ornament to place on the Christmas tree for each of the little ones who I didn’t carry to term. I have passed this on to others which has helped them, (they say.) I now buy a baby ornament as gifts and explain the meaning behind the purchase, to the ones who lost their little one while still in the womb…
    Kim, just hoping this might be of comfort, you may tell this to T. I also heard a song, “There’s a Rocking Chair in Heaven,” which was sung by a local group, The Greens, right after my last miscarriage. This made me feel better, to picture my seeing them once again. My three children used to ‘fight’ or take turns putting the special angels’ ornaments on the tree, after they put their own baby ornaments on the Christmas tree.


    • Robin, thank you for such heartwarming and poignant ideas to pass on when words alone will not suffice. How generous of you to share. I especially love the idea of watching new life bloom, tending to the daily needs of a flowering plant. All of them truly gifts, Robin. Thank you with love and many blessings.


  3. A sad and beautiful tribute for your friends loss.
    Your words captured the little Angels short life completely.
    May her memory forever bring a smile into her mothers heart for her beautiful short life


  4. Dearest Kim.. this is such a heartfelt poignant poem…I can not even begin to imagine such grief of such a loss of one’s child.. its so heartbreaking..
    Your words within your tribute Kim, I hope will bring comfort to your friend and to those knowing of similar pain.. Your empathy speaks for itself..
    Love and Blessings to all those little Angels.. May the Angels above forever hold them within their wings in love..
    Blessings Sue xx


    • So ironic, Sue, because this dear mother most likely will never know of my words. She is too heartbroken. I suppose I wrote them ‘secretly’ for her together with others who have suffered such a loss. And, for me too, as I could feel real pain in my heart on that morning of being called with the ‘news.’ Thank you, Sue.

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