Living In The Moment

Contemplating my day. How will it go, what will he say? I’ve pulled off surprises in the past. Yet, this one I fear will be too short. It will not last. Stopping to sip a cup of of coffee near the airport lobby, twinkling lights of a runway welcome me. “Take pleasure in the moment, ” they seem to say.

A quick trip is planned to Arizona. Visiting my father. Two, younger sisters will be joining me in Phoenix. We ‘re stepping stones. 1-2-3. with about five years between the each of us. Renting a car, we plan to relax in a hotel while spending a few days of quality ‘sister’ time.

My father was told that he needed to be home this afternoon to “sign for a special delivery.” Indeed, when the three of us drive up Dad’s dusty circle drive, past the prickly cactus, mongrel dogs and the open starry skies, hopefully he’ll think we are a “special delivery!” I can’t wait to see the moon of his face, hear him struggle for words and string my arms around his neck.

My father had a slight accident last month, only a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was silly, he thought. Stooping low to climb into the crackled leather of the driver’s seat of his car, he missed. Bam! Ouch! Hitting the greying hair of his head on the edge of his cream-colored car, he nearly knocked himself out!

“No big deal,” he thought. Until he started driving. Dizziness., blurry vision and a headache began. Suddenly. Somehow, Dad made it to the first ER where tests determined a slight concussion. “A concussion??? I’ve never had one in my life,” Dad exclaimed!! “Are you kidding me????”

No driving for my father. Lots of rest. Trouble is, he’s had additional symptoms ever since. Some slight and subtle. Others not so much. Yesterday, he was back in ER with Vertigo.

His doctor does not think there is a connection between Dad’s concussion and other symptoms. As a writer who has done a lot of medical research in the past, I know just enough to be dangerous. I have my suspicions together with tremendous hope that I am wrong.

Enough of that! Back to “living in the moment.” I’ll soon be laughing with my sisters. Stopping for a bottle of red wine to share within the desert suite of our hotel. Staring at sand of beige with a pool of blue through the clear of our 2nd floor window.
Together, we’ll whisper jokes under fluffy covers while giggling until our bellies ache. Times 3!

Before that, we’ll surprise our father with an anticipated “special delivery.” He’ll be shocked with glee covering an enormous grin of wide! Happy and smiling. Crinkles with wrinkles surrounding watered blue eyes.

Dogs of two will jump and bark nearly knocking us down. Tall, Sahuaro cactus will greet us in the foreground while we relish in our father’s bliss.

Yes, all four of us , family together again will take pleasure in the moment.”>2015/01/img_1118.jpg</a

16 thoughts on “Living In The Moment

    • My sympathy at the loss of your father. Thank you, kindly for your words as I can ‘hear’ your love within them. Many moments of unexpected joy for my family all together. Bless you.


  1. I can imagine your father’s delight at seeing you. I can even imagine the turmoil his stomach will be in as he sees all 3 of his baby girls together.Been there, done that, though not times 3. It’s such a wonderful feeling because the bond is so special between father and daughter.The day will be highly emotional from the three of you meeting up to the meeting at your father’s place as his special delivery. I hope you all have a wonderful time and enjoy the wine and the giggles later.
    xxx Sending you Super Hugs xxx


    • Thank you, David. Your words touched me deeply reading them from a father’s perspective. Saving my own’s spectacular reaction for a post, but such joy in life! Love you, David,


  2. I love the way you write! beautiful picture as well. I wonder if the bump was a “blessing” in disguise? Or did it cause more damage? But my grandpa feel off a ladder a few years back, he got really hurt…but that is how they caught his prostate cancer just in time…maybe I’m not understanding your post, but just thought I would share that. I had some really great red wine the other night…it was so smooth and happy. I don’t know what you taste is but have you ever tried Pinot Noir Macmuray sonoma? It’s the best I’ve ever tried so far. Anyways cheers to a great time for you with your sisters and dad! ❤


    • Thank you for such kindness! Enjoying “living in the moment” with my father for another day under heavenly blue skies with floating white clouds. He’s been feeling pretty well and we’re all having a treasured time. I do enjoy “Pinot Noir,” but haven’t tried that particular one. Writing the name down…🍷 Thank you so much!!

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  3. Hi Kim,
    Not unsurprisingly, I am reading your story in reverse. All has now become much clearer and I can particularly understand now why your visit with your Dad was so poignant and precious. I have such special memories of visiting my grandfather who lived in Queensland so there was always the 12 hour drive to get there and knowing that I probably wouldn’t be there at the end. He had some signs of Parkinsons and his hands used to shake quite wildly like they had minds of their own. He used to keep his hands clasped together, no doubt trying to contain their frenetic energy. I remember hold those hands and trying to still them. By this stage, he was in a secure facility as he had advanced Alzheimers. He was 95 when he died so he’d had a very good innings. He was in a room with other residents who were at times quite unnerving but we took the kids in here to see “Papa Bert” and they loved him. He actually remembered our son long after he had forgotten the rest of us even though he was only 5 when he died.
    I hope your Dad’s symptoms aren’t serious, although like yourself, I know just enough to be dangerous. I had some good advice from my aunt recently who said to check out the worst scenario first because if that’s the case, you’ll need immediate treatment. My uncle is a surgeon and she’s been through a bit too.
    Hope your Dad is going well xx Rowena


    • Dear Rowena, I thank you much for reading my posts, whatever the ‘order,’ as well as commenting and sharing the very heartwarming story of your grandfather. My father seemed to be doing well while I was visiting him, especially during the last day. I am counting my blessings. He has another doctor’s appointment scheduled so I am hoping and praying all will be fine. Time is limited at best for all of us here on earth, and I thank God for all I am given. I plan on another “surprise” trip to see him in the near future! 🙂 Bless you, Rowena.


  4. Hope all went well Kim and your Dad had a great surprise.
    Cant imagine a sisterly relationship between three sisters five years apart.
    But then again you must all have different, yet beautiful memorys.


    • We had such an awesome time being together! Yes, our memories are all different, but they transcend through the years of our lives, beginning with early childhood. So much to share with more to come until the future we must part. Thank you for your kindness, Ian.

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