Don’t Be SAD

Moods.  Often changing depending on seasons.  Sunlight.  Darkness.  Morning.  Evening.  I’ve noticed this lately.  Intuition signals sweat to form tiny beads on the back of my neck.  Little hairs begin to prickle.  I see changes in actions while hearing words with tones sounding different than only a few months before……

Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It’s real.  A Chronic Condition that affects more people than I ever imagined.  It’s a true form of depression many haven’t heard of or even know exist.  Once simply called the Winter Blues, it’s probably been around since the beginning of time.  Like a broken arm, migraines or the flu.

Approximately fifty years ago, a proper diagnosis was made and a name given to a form of depression that seemed to be triggered by specific seasons of the year.  More woman are affected than men who live in states or countries that have less light.  Yes, people feel blue, but it is more than that.  They are truly SAD.

Most who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder notice a curtain closing upon their mood during the darkening days of fall, not lifting until the lighter days of spring.   Still others notice changes in their mood during the fresh scent of spring, lasting through the end of summer’s sun.

SAD is real and it does exist!  If you don’t suffer from it, I guarantee that someone you greet on the street, bump in shop, or pass at work probably does.  They may be good at hiding it, or worse yet, do not even realize they are living with it.  How SAD is that???

Please support me today by being a good friend tomorrow.  Hold a hand and spread my words to help others understand that Seasonal Effective Disorder is a true condition that can be treated.  There is no shame in being depressed.  Education is the key.  Talk about it.

Only a physician can properly diagnose someone with Seasonal Affective Disorder.  If you or someone you know is feeling depressed over a period of time without feeling better, seek treatment.

Some Symptoms of Winter SAD



*Feeling tired or having low energy

*Hypersensitivity to rejection

*Problems getting along with others



*Increased appetite/Craving carbohydrates or foods high in fat or sugar

*Wanting or needing excess sleep

*Decreased sex drive

*Weight gain

*Increased alcohol consumption

*Difficulty in concentration


Spring and Summer SAD



*Weight Loss



  • Talk therapy
  • Light therapy
  • Proper Diet
  • Exercise
  • Medication
  • A Combination of the Above

23 thoughts on “Don’t Be SAD

  1. aw…I’m sorry for what you are experiencing…thank you for sharing your heart. I know a lot of people who seem to deal with this. I believe it is real. I think my mom actually has it. Sometimes has to take antidepressants through the winter. 😦 Maybe you should move down South…I’m not a creepo that knows where you live, just noticed you had snow…something we have not seen all season. Some of the trees actually have pink flowers on it…that’s a bit much for me, but yeah. I pray you feel better soon, depression, stress, irritability et cetera are not fun at all and I agree a real thing, that most people well I would say all people deal with unless they have a chronic happy condition…most people I think see it as a weakness and something to be ashamed of though…so I am so happy you boldly posted this ❤ Hope and prayers that your mind is refreshed and spirit lifted.


  2. Just getting to know another interesting facet of my good friend Kim; that she is an informed shrink who can advise people on depression… Enjoyed this post as well as your earlier ones. So please keep it coming. Natural light and lack of it, I feel, are major mood triggers, and, for the same reason, I dislike long gloomy winters, with the sun hardly coming out and opting to remain behind a thick veil of grey. I just love bright sunny days and consider it fortunate to have more of it in tropical India where I live. Not for me the mood depressing grey, gloomy and freezing chill of wintry days. Probably, on a positive note, autumn and winter do serve a purpose in enhancing the value of sunny days… Sending u warm hugs and best wishes, Kim… Raj.

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    • Oh, Raj, how lucky you are to live in the glory of the sun where it shines upon your spirit to lift your moods as well as those you love. Bless you for reading and commenting, always shining your very own ‘light’ my way to make me smile and go about my day.

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  3. Thank you Kim for bringing this illness to the forefront again. Many people just think sufferers are moody beggars or miserable people without realising they are actually suffering from a condition.Many sufferers don’t even realise it. Maybe you’ve now heightened awareness and people will e a little more understanding.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • Thank you kindly, David. I’ve tried to reach out to others who I believe suffer from S.A.D. It is like walking on a tightrope, yet I will not give up as I know there is help while suffering is needless. Like any “Chronic Condition, ” S.A.D. affects family and friends of the one who is most affected, sending ripples of further depression floating across waters of the pond. Important for all to understand and support. Thank you so very much.

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  4. Oh, I agree with nearly every thing you said, but sadly (no pun intended), However, by the time symptoms have appeared, they need to be treated immediately before getting worse. For some, even thoughts of suicide may develop. Still, treating the body first and foremost is the very best approach, but we must not forget that some mental health issues have a genetic predisposition to chemical imbalances in the brain, most often involving serotonin. Thank also for your mention of the lack of Vitamin D which can often be overlooked. I am adding it to my list! It is proven deficient in many people, leading to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other diseases, most certainly mental health. A very rewarding comment from you of which I am so very thankful. Blessings.

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  5. I can so relate as the dark winter days can surly get one down… Many thanks Kim for the awareness.. Many suffer unknowingly of this condition.. And I think this weekend I had a touch of the blues too.. I know the energies in the heavens and the vibes I pick up have not helped.. But I gave myself a good talk to this morning.. 🙂 LOL…. And baked some bread…. a bit of pummelling helps LOL.. 😉
    Sending you some Happy smiles.. ❤ ❤


  6. Seasonal affective disorder has been around for years, its only in modern days has it been given a medical term, there are many forms in all aspects of our life, loneliness at Christmas depression, Divorce depression, loss of a loved one depression, war or media depression due to the over exposure to the negatives in life.
    Psychologists really are having a boom time, I am depressed with PTSD from Vietnam days, now I get depressed from seeing the depression in others, where does it end, the whole world appears depressed.
    Well your post really got me going Kim, didnt intend to get that carried away.


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