Icy Adventures

Breathtaking formations of frozen nature. Winter awe at its best.

Ramblings From Jewels

 I’m always keeping an eye out for new and interesting adventures, so when I heard about an Ice Castle at a park not too far from home, I thought it might be something cool to go and see.  And it was, literally.  😉

It was a balmy 28 degrees yesterday, and I figured that was about as good as it was gonna get for January in Minnesota, so my daughter and I bundled up and headed over there to check it out.

When we first stepped through the “gates” I was a bit awestruck, it was like walking into a frozen cavern in Antarctica.  The ice formations were absolutely stunning, it took my breath away!  After taking a few moments to just revel in the beauty of it all, I excitedly began snapping photos.

Unfortunately, it was not the best lighting that day for taking pictures with my…

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8 thoughts on “Icy Adventures

  1. Enjoyed your rambling through icy formations resembling stalactites (I have seen stalactite formations in caves). And the pics of dark trees leaning and swaying sensuously in the background, contrasting with the myriad formations in white in the foreground. The violin playing to dubstep rhythm provided a befitting musical conclusion where one could visualise Kim dancing with her daughter…greetings of the season and best wishes…. Raj.


    • Beautiful, descriptive words to surely delight the author, Jewels. Please visit her original post when you have time, and don’t miss her blog. She’s a wonderful writer. Thank you kindly on her behalf! 😊


    • Gratitude to you for stopping to share in these miraculous photographs, David. Jewels ‘painted’ a fantastic post, didn’t she? Hugs to you with blessings for a wonderful week ahead.


  2. Hi Kim, visited your friends site, Beautiful and spectacular, the pics were great, they do show the effect overall very well.
    Here in Australia it is 38 degrees today, so its hard to imagine ice castles, excuse my ignorance but are they made from ice or are they constructed with ice effects, wondering as was not sure, particularly when it mentioned lights adding to the effect.
    Thanks for the referral to Jewels site


    • I don’t claim to be educated regarding Jewels particular site, however here in Missouri we have similar caves of beauty. The underground caves are quite cold, and formations ‘appear’ to be ice. Actually, changes in the chemistry of water and minerals cause such fabulous formations. Eventually, drip stone grows from above to below, slowly feeding stalagmites and stalactites to cave walls as well as helping them drip down from ceilings in all shapes and sizes of breathtaking beauty. Impurities in the air cause minerals to stain some of the snowy white into other colors. Then, of course, ‘light shows’ are added for fabulous effects. Truly beautiful, Ian.

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