Thankfulness with Best Wishes


As dusk descends and evening draws near

Our time is ending for all of this year.

During the ink of night while eyes are closed tight

Our dreams reveal a new one in sight.

I thank you today for all of your gifts

The love that was shared, your wisdom and wit.

From my heart to yours best wishes to you

Tonight and tomorrow and the whole New Year through!

*To all of my readers in sincere appreciation for all of your support during 2014.

55 thoughts on “Thankfulness with Best Wishes

    • Oh, thank you, Iliana. A quick one, but could not end the year with out thanking those who give so much back to me. Truly blessed by everyone here at WordPress and beyond. Meeting new ‘friends’ such as yourself each and every day. I thank God for this gift. Happy, Happy New Year!

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  1. Hi Kim,
    Such a beautiful post once again. Happy New Year to you all. We went to a friend’s place to watch the Sydney fireworks on the TV and took over a pavlova. There are two Fireworks shows on Sydney Harbour 9.00PM and midnight. My friend’s TV went on the blink for the 9.00 ones but we managed to ressurrect it for midnight. Arrived home and we were concerned about how Lady would deal with the fireworks because we’ve only had her a few months. Got home and she didn’t come. Turns out she was hiding in the garage. A few fireworks went off outside and she was soon parked on my lap poor dog. Geoff and I have vegged out in from the TV and computers today while the kids have been at beach mission for a few hours. So hot. Don;t feel like doing anything and am sorting out last year’s photos. No doubt it is just as cold at your end.
    Happy New Year to you all!
    Love and blessings,


    • Happy New Year, Roweena! I thought of you ‘last night’ while my husband and I watched the Sidney fireworks on television. So beautiful they were!!! Still difficult for me to imagine the warm temperatures when “YES,” I am freezing over here! Thank you for all of your support, Roweena. Have a wonderful year full of better health and much, much happiness. Blessings to you. 🙂


  2. Happy New Year, Kim!

    I sincerely hope this year meets all your expectations and the things you undertake in faith happen for you. It is an enrichment in my life to know you. keep marching, the year has just begun and you, my dear, have miles of accomplishments to go.



    • Oh, Patricia, so kind you are with words and heart. We have been together from the very beginning, and I shall forever be thankful for our friendship that travels across the pond. Thank you for such thoughtfulness as I wish you the same together with good health and happiness. Bless your hopes and dreams for all of this New Year.


    • Thank you with gifts of the same to you as well, Eily. Just saw your darling Angel so sweet of white. All my best to you and yours with great success in this fine year ahead.


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