Winter’s Frost



Stepping into the black of frosty night fingers lose warm mittens

Calling me hither to view magic sights more to see tomorrow will be

A yawn before dawn, God’s breath blankets all with freezing air

Below the moon of white glowing above so high and bright

There lies a patio table covered for winter with a frozen top

Patterns glisten in blinking lights below inky skies above

Where air stops to rest on camel-colored cloth

Stand back to get a better view

Snowflakes sparkle upon a frozen surface leaving

Speckled dust of diamonds shaved and carved to perfection

Diminutive sizes mirroring heads of straight pins in shining silver

Once draping fabric folds to dance within windy music stiffen to the touch

Brushing along one side, an unusual sound is heard

Kind of crunching, more of moaning, not quite frozen.

Morning light with sky of blue begins anew

Frost is sprinkled like powdered sugar everywhere

Wrought iron swings alone don’t sit there fall right through

Favorite bench beckons me in woods so grande shall have to wait

A small price to pay fore next year’s rays of early warming spring

Relish such artistry and elegance of winter’s frost until I sing

14 thoughts on “Winter’s Frost

  1. The photo and your words were taken to heart. I hope you will have a warm and caring celebration of the New year and that your health may improve, also in this 2015. You deserve to be pain-free and challenge-free, too. Meanwhile, Kim you are always such a blessing…


    • Thank you, Dear Robin. Best wishes of love and happiness to you for the year of 2015. How fast it is coming to be! Lots of reflection of my many blessings during this New Year’s Eve. 🙂


  2. Hi Kim,
    Absolutely loved this post. Your writing is so beautiful and touching. It has been such a scorching hot day here and it’s after midnight and we still have the air-conditioning on and we only use it when we have to. We go skiing annually but I don’t think we’ve ever really experienced real snowing. There have been a few mornings when there was a good dump overnight and the gum trees were still cloaked in snow and ice. he snowfields felt like being inside a tub of ice cream to me. Just so beautiful.
    I was reading another post set in Berlin and she was talking about the pain taking her gloves off to take photos in the freezing cold. Ouch!
    Wishing you and yours a miraculously good New Year!!
    xx Rowena


    • Dear Rowena, I am so touched by your comment as it is so easy to forget where you and other readers may be. Scanning my words from a “scorching hot day’ at the same time frost is mesmerizing me in the moonlight! How different our lives are at any given moment and yet they cross too, at one time or another…..Thank you, Rowena for your support and tremendous kind words which help push me forward a bit each and every day. Much love to you in the coming ‘New Year.’

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      • Thanks Kim.
        Since I’ve been blogging, it really has made me more of a citizen of the world and taken me so far beyond the surrounds of my own backyard and connected us all up which is such a beautiful thing.
        Thank you for your friendship as well and your encouraging posts and wishes. Means a lot to me.
        Much love to you and yours in the new year xx Rowena


      • Roweena, I think I missed this comment. Please accept my apology as your comment is dear and means much to me. So happy to ‘know’ you from far away as I look forward to reading future posts!!

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  3. Thank you for blessings my soul and our ministry in this past year. May you be filled with much love, joy and peace during this coming season. Happy New Year My Friend.


    • Oh, Dear Sally: Where would my blog be without your tremendous support during the whole of 2014? I can never find the right words to thank you enough, but please know that I treasure you as a dear, dear friend, keeping you forever close to my heart. Some day, some way, I truly hope to make it to Spain in order to sit with you over lunch, sipping a cup of hot tea or better yet, cheering you with a glass of deep red wine. Happy, Happy New Year, my friend. With Love and Blessings Always, Kim

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