Merry Christmas Eve of Eve

Tis the Eve prior to Christmas Eve

Darkness in the house but for the glow of spruce

Heirloom ornaments clipped upon scented branches

Holding their own baited breath

Waiting for jolly old Saint Nick

To slip down the chimney near

Stockings hung up above

Toys and treats soon below

Dining room candles flicker on china cups with plates so rare

Poinsettias of red dancing to flames of golden hue

Hints of purple-blue

Christmas is waiting everywhere

When does it begin?

Wee ones linger in the wings

Nightgowns of flannel brush upon wooden floors

Sounds of swishing…wishing

Little feet and tiny tippy-toes

Peeking around door jambs

Hoping to catch the magic man

He of sparkling blue eyes with golden speckled rims

Wearing the brightest red with shiny belt of black

Oh, a long white beard soft like heaven might be

Mama’s promised he’s coming soon

Be patient now, come to me

Let’s share hot chocolate by the tree

Mallows of white one-two-three

Come sit to look at picture books

Stories by the light of moon and candlewicks

One more day I ask of you

Rest your weary head gently on my chest

Look to the tallest branch at the very top

See the star in silver bright

Make a wish for the whole wide world

I’ll wrap you in love and a quilt of down

Sweet dreams until the magic morn.


Merry Christmas Eve of Eve

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