Driving home the other evening, I was struck by peaceful lights of beauty appearing in a sky of dusk.  Nearing darkness, shades of pink and coral contrasted against the horizon of dusty blue.  Before I rounded the bend, I pulled off the winding road in order to capture such sights from the camera on my phone.

Ironic, how God works.  Just before the unexpected sight of “Heaven,” I was reminiscing about a family friend who had passed away ten years ago during holiday time.  I remember the late stages of his illness as being such a dichotomy.  Christmas trees at hospitals.  Smiles for the sake of children.  Death approaching while filling carts with Santa’s toys.

Has ten years passed me by?  It hardly seems possible…and yet, lifetimes have come and gone….  If I unearthed a time capsule from all those years ago, what would I find?  Deep down inside there would be snapshots of a jolly great man, tall and big with white, blonde hair together with a cheery grin.  This family friend of mine had a huge personality that was full and giving.  When I think of him now together with this time of year, I am reminded a bit of Santa Clause……

My friend had a terrific sense of humor, loved family more than anything and worked hard to support them as a manager for a car dealership.  Just before his cancer diagnosis he was about to be promoted.  Soon he would be the manager of a brand new dealership.  One that would be his very own!  He was fabulous with people and could talk to anyone on the street or in a jeep.  And, oh, how he loved life.  I never saw him waste a day.  Not a simple second nor a magic minute.

Today, my friend’s eldest son is a married father with two young children of his very own, a little girl and a baby boy.  Like my husband, my friend would now be a “Grandpa!” Together with my husband, he would be so very proud.  The two would forever be carting babies around on tops of shoulders to root for their favorite teams, shouting for the runner on third base to run into HOME.  For years, they coached baseball as a twosome, instilling life lessons into little boys while grooming them for high school teams.

A couple of months before this terrific man’s passing, my husband met me at the hospital for a visit one afternoon.  Sensing a mood of defeat, I remember taking his hand in mine. His grip was still strong and felt warm to the touch.  Moving in closer, I was sure to look directly into the dampness of his eyes.  “I’m a better person for knowing you,” I remember whispering to him.   At first his brows furrowed, not quite sure if I was telling him the truth or not.  Within seconds, however, the crystal blue of his eyes shined through with thankful acknowledgement.

This special gift of a friend passed away shortly after the 2004 holidays when he was 44 years old.  He left behind a loving wife together with five dear children.  Barely a day goes by that my husband and I don’t remember thoughts of him.

Especially during Christmastime.  When Santa Clause comes….

photo (26)

28 thoughts on “Remembering……

  1. Christmas is often a time for sadness or for remembrance of those who won’t join us at table again. I’d need a very big table to hold all those who passed before me.I shall raise a glass of fruit juice in their memory and try to remember all the good times.

    I can’t believe you admitted on the WWW on your blog in front of all these people ( and a few ghosts) that you went round the bend!! I hope you came back again.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx
    Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

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    • Yes, David, a long table indeed. What is good (like you said) is remembering all the good times. So many with this friend of mine. BTW, I did come back around the bend! Lol! Hugs right back to you. 🙂

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  2. Touching narration surrounding a sweetly shot evening sky, kim . loved ones do not go away, they become ethereal, to intersect our thoughts and revisit us through starry skies, verdant landscapes and gently blowing breeze…wishing you blessed holidays ahead…Raj .


  3. That’s the way many people still feel alive since they are alive in our memories. It’s sad and it’makes one think about what’s the most important things in our life. I hope you will enjoy your Christmas and there will be plenty of joyful memories after the next 10 years!


    • Thank you for reading and commenting with such wonderful wishes to me, Inese. So looking forward to a blisful holiday and yes, ten blessed years with wonderful memories to come! I hope for you the same and even more! 🙂


  4. Oh, Kim. What a lovely tribute you paint with your words to match the beautiful painted sky! Thank you for this beautiful memory which I’m sure will touch everyone who reads it. I send you lots of love and well wishes for a wonderful holiday! ❤


    • My heart sends you Burroughs of fresh pine together wth loving holiday wishes, Lorrie. Thank you for your kindness, generous spirit and great support. My love to you with wonderful wishes and Christmas Blessings.

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    • I’ve been thinking about you for SOOO long, Laurie, wondering if you are okay…relieved I am! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I’ve read your blog many times, but I’m obviously doing something wrong as I can not find the correct place to leave a ‘comment.’ My fault, I’m sure….”Technically Disadvantaged.” 😦 Anyway, so happy to see your lovely face again! Bless you and yours during this wonderful holiday season and know that you are always in my heart.


  5. A beautiful and sad post Kim.
    Christmas brings on many thoughts and emotions.
    Christmas does give us the gift of beautiful memories Kim
    His memory is his gift to you.
    Wishing you a beautiful Christmas my friend.


  6. What a deep and thoughtful post. The sunsets have a way to make us reflect on our lives and all the small precious moments which makes us who we are. Another splendid post. 🙂

    I hope your Christmas preps are in full swing. Wishing you happy holidays ❤


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