“Please, take all that I own, relieve my child of pain and make her well again,” begged the wealthy, young father.  He proudly stood in his home of thick sand-colored stucco, trying to comfort his sleep deprived wife.  Windows of bubbled glass cast shadows that danced in the light of the lamp.  Soon, soulful sounds of a wistful song were sung by a brilliant yellow canary.  Hanging high above the dusty windowsill was a hand-built wicker cage where the tiny bird fluttered and flit and flew.

“I’ll do all that I can” answered the wise doctor, who tenderly gazed upon his gravely ill patient.  “In the end, however, it is God’s decision.  And, I’ve come to understand that He has no need for material things.”

Let us Pray


17 thoughts on “Lamplight

  1. This is such a touching piece of artwork. I think you captured its image well through your heartfelt words, Kim. It is sad but sometimes God cannot intervene, all will be understood, things will make sense one day when life is over and Heaven begins. I am in awe of your including the details of the canary’s cheerful song and the request to give money and the wise answer given. So true…(echoing Belsbro!)


    • Thank you, Robin. I was so touched by this work of art with the fragility of young life hanging in the balance. Rich or poor, all parents are willing to give ‘anything’ to make their sick child well again. In this particular painting, it was my belief the good doctor had come to know God quite well.


    • No, all is looking sooo good, Michelle. I simply loved this art until words popped into my head. Such a sweetheart you are to think of me and my soon to be Grand-twins. Not born yet, thanks to modern medicine, but they’re getting big and healthy now! What wonderful Christmas presents for me this year!!! Love to you and your darling girls. XXOO


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